Breast Reduction

Removal of excess skin, fat and gland tissues on the breast and the sagging nipple again
It is to create an upright position by bringing it to its position.. Reducing and erecting a breast tissue
Many techniques have been introduced to date. The most general of these can be said,
The more tissues and drooping tissues, the larger the incision will be. In contrast, the patient
The less the deformation is, the less incisions and less scars can be achieved by choosing an appropriate technique.
transactions can be made. How much and in what way the scar will be left, the technique to be chosen will depend on the skin structure of the patient.
(depends on the person’s recovery). In some patients, no matter how many incisions you make, the scars are very well
matures and its final state can be very satisfying. Sometimes, due to the skin structure, the scars immediately
decreases and additional operations are required. Amount of breast tissue in patients, age, accompanying
A suitable method should be chosen by taking into account the diseases and skin structures.
Before Breast Reduction Surgery
A detailed examination of each patient by our specialist physicians before the breast reduction procedure
and all their complaints and expectations are listened to. About the surgery that can be done and its possible outcome
The patient is informed and the patient is informed about the surgery with the examples of previous operations.
more detailed information is provided. If the patient who decides to have surgery, smokes 1–2
You must leave a week in advance. Also, every day in the days before breast reduction surgery
it will take him/her to do breathing exercises with walking or a sports activity suitable for him/her for a certain period of time.
It will facilitate narcosis and subsequent awakening.
Before the surgery, if the patient does not go to regular breast scans, it can be done with ultrasound or mammography.
condition can be evaluated preoperatively. This test, which is performed primarily, is used in the follow-up of the patient.
and will facilitate their scanning. Expert on whether or how the test will be done
Our doctors decide.
Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques and Process
Generally, breast reduction surgeries take 2-3 hours and are performed under general anesthesia.
they are performed. Patients are up and walking within a few hours after surgery.
is done. Most patients are discharged after a 24-hour follow-up. Eating for a few hours after surgery
It is not recommended to eat them. In case of pain problems that may occur in the first hours
Necessary treatments are applied quickly by our doctors and patient pain is reduced.
In breast reduction surgeries, excess breast skin and glandular tissue is removed. Different for this process
Incisions are made in places and the scars are usually tried to be hidden. moderately large and
In a drooping breast reduction procedure, the scars are around the nipple and a vertical line extending downwards.
On the other hand, in a very large breast reduction patient, in addition to these, under the breast
a horizontal trace (inverted T) may occur. The less the deformation, the less the scars will be. Some
in patients, if the breast tissues are not too large and the skin structure is suitable, no incision is made.
Reduction may also be possible only with the degreasing method. However, in order to make this decision, the patient
A detailed examination is necessary and this technique can only give an effective result in suitable patients. Sometimes
When the elasticity of the patient’s skin structure is good, even if the breast tissue is very large, the less scarred breast is mentioned.
reduction surgeries can be performed. As we mentioned above, sometimes good skin textures are good.
In patients with a healing pattern, very few scars are obtained that are difficult to notice even by the patient himself.
can be achieved.
After Breast Reduction Surgery and Patient Satisfaction
Since the sutures are made through the skin and hidden in the patients, the person sutures when the dressings are opened.
does not see. He just notices the incisions and looks like they’re glued on. Get up and walk in a day
can do their own simple work in 1-2 days and can be normal in 4-10 days, different for each patient.
they can return to their lives. Heavy sports activities are prohibited for a certain period of time. about 2 weeks
they use medically produced special bras instead of normal bras. The purpose here is in the healing process.
It is to prevent unnecessary movements in the breast tissue and to control edema. breast reduction
Swelling develops in the first weeks afterwards. These decrease within days, but after breast reduction
Formation occurs within months. Patients are increasingly more and more tired of the new form formed at the end of this process.
They begin to be satisfied.
In a breast reduction surgery performed in the normal process, the nipples are slightly up and out.
nipples should be at a distance of 8-12 cm from the midline (this differs in each patient).

can show). Patients should cover the suture areas with sunscreen in the first months after surgery in the summer.
they protect. After a normal recovery period, the sea is protected from the sun for a few weeks.
or go to the pool.
There is no difference between performing these surgeries in summer or winter, only for a few weeks in the summer.
There may be situations that prevent swimming.

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