Breast prosthesis and breast lift

Breast Prosthesis and Breast Lift

The sagging and shrinking breasts of patients who gave birth with congenitally small breasts causes these people to go to plastic surgeons. Sometimes the breast may be smaller than the other. In fact, the size of the breasts can be different in most women. In a scientific study we conducted, we found an asymmetry-size difference of 45% in Turkish women, that is, in one out of every two women. In such cases, the solution is to enlarge and lift the breast with breast prostheses and to provide symmetry.

Breast prostheses have been developed a lot recently. Even if new dentures burst, they do not leak. The risk of explosion is very low. It does not cause cancer.

The operations of these patients take approximately 1.5 -2 hours under general anesthesia in the hospital. Usually, a prosthesis is placed under or above the chest muscle by entering from the nipple or under the breast, without damaging the breast tissue. This procedure can also be done under the armpit. The prosthesis used are usually silicone or saline prostheses that do not flow even if they are pierced. The most suitable prosthesis should be selected according to the patient’s condition. Oversized prostheses should be avoided. It should be tried to create a natural breast in optimal dimensions that will fit the patient’s height, weight and general structure. Since the breast tissue of the patient is not damaged, breastfeeding complications do not occur in the patient. Since the scar is around the nipple (areola), it is usually indistinct and hardly noticeable. The patient may have a feeling of tightness around the chest after the surgery, which will pass over time.

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