Breast lift is performed for the treatment of breast sagging.
Breast lift surgery corrects sagging breasts and provides a younger appearance.

breast lift gorge hardworking

Breast lift surgery due to excessive weight gain and loss, pregnancy and aging
As a result of the gravity effect causing the breast tissue to sag down over time, the breast
It is done for the treatment of sagging. Breast lift surgery (breast lift surgery), breast
It collects sagging and provides a younger look.

The aim of breast lift surgery (breast lift surgery) is to recover breast sagging.
There are many techniques defined for breast lift surgery and there are many techniques to be used for breast lift surgery.
The technique is determined by whether your breast volume is sufficient and the condition of breast sagging.

If you have breast sagging (breast sagging) and volume deficiency, breast lift
It is necessary to compensate for the lost volume by placing a breast prosthesis together with the surgery. Or vice versa
As a result, if your breasts are large with your breast sagging, this time breast reduction (breast
A breast lift surgery is required along with the reduction procedure.


According to the technique of the surgery performed after the examination, your average return to normal life is 2-4 days.
Breast lift surgery takes an average of 1-3 hours according to the technique performed.

You have some pain after breast lift surgery and these pains can be treated with painkillers.
passes. After breast lift surgery, you have edema on the chest and your breasts
it looks bigger than it is. This should not scare you, because this breast lift
It is a normal expected process in the surgery, and it takes 45 days for the breasts to have a normal appearance.
is around.


According to the technique used after breast lift surgery, around the nipple or on your chest line.
Some trace remains. However, these scars recover in 1-3 months and begin to turn into skin color.


This question is asked to me quite often by my patients. Although his answer upsets many of my patients, unfortunately
non-surgical breast lift, non-surgical breast lift, non-surgical breast augmentation, non-surgical
breast enlargement etc. there is no such thing. Properly remove sagging breast tissue and excess skin
other than surgically rounding up and supporting with breast prosthesis if there is a lack of volume.
there is no solution.

Unfortunately, in addition to too much accurate information on the internet, what we call information garbage, patients
There are many articles that are misleading. The most common; Breast lift with laser. Unfortunately the laser
Although it provides some improvement in sagging skin, the situation in breast sagging is not only caused by the skin, but also by the breast.
It is also caused by the sagging of the tissue. For this reason, breast aesthetics (breast aesthetics) is unfortunately
It is only done surgically.

Another situation I come across is breast augmentation with permanent breast filling and breast lift with filling.
Breast augmentation (breast enlargement) and breast lift (breast lift) with fillers, long
cause serious complications. And the filling it contains is inserted into the breast tissue.
It is very difficult to clean because it is completely mixed, and for this reason, in many patients, the breast tissue
It is a process that causes situations where it must be completely removed.


This is the second most frequently asked question by my patients who come to the examination. Yes, also with breast prosthesis only
breast lift surgery (breast lift surgery) can be performed. For this, chest sagging
degree is important. If the sagging of the breasts is too much, it is necessary to lift the breast by leaving an inverted T-shaped scar.
surgery should be done. However, with a request that I do not want the patient scars to be too much.
When it comes to time, some of our colleagues put a much larger prosthesis than normal, although it is not suitable.
They also try to recover the skin. In the first 6 months, the patient and the doctor are satisfied, but after 1 year
The implanted prosthesis starts to sag and creates a very uncomfortable appearance. In such a case the first
Breast lift surgery, which you should be in the first place, has to be together with prosthesis replacement.
you stay. For this reason, it is useful to consider what your doctor told you during the examination.

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