Breast Lift Aesthetics

Breast Lift Aesthetics

The surgical equivalent of breast lift aesthetics is “Mastopexy”. By means of this procedure, the drooping breasts are erected and given a more aesthetic appearance.

To Whom Is Breast Lift Aesthetics Applied?

Breast lift aesthetic operation is a procedure that can be applied to all women with sagging breasts, whether they have given birth or not. For a woman to understand whether her breasts are saggy or not; it is necessary to go in front of the mirror and evaluate the nipple and under-breast line together.

Ideal situation; the nipple is above the under-breast line and there is no sagging in the tissue under the breast. The sagging condition of the breast is called “Breast Ptosis”. This situation is classified into 4 groups. These; mild, moderate, severe and pseudoptosis. If the head of the breast is at the level of your inframammary line or 1 cm below, “Mild Ptosis”; “Mid Ptosis” if it is 1 – 3 cm below the inframammary line; If it is less than 3 cm, it is classified as “Severe Ptosis”. pseudoptosis condition; Unlike these 3 cases, the nipple appears normal, but it is located above the lower line of the breast and the base of the breast is sagging.

Women’s breasts can sometimes be drooping due to structural origin, that is, regardless of any other reason; Over time, sagging breasts can occur as a result of giving birth, often with weight gain and loss, and breastfeeding the baby, and the combination of aging with the effect of gravity.

It is not necessary for the breasts to be large for sagging. In addition to the enlargement and shrinkage of the breasts after birth, if the breast tissue is loose, sagging can also be seen in the breasts that are small in size due to the effect of gravity. Considering all the issues listed above, it can be decided to perform a breast lift operation as a result of the evaluation.

Time of Breast Lift Operation

The earliest age to perform this operation is 18, and the upper limit varies from person to person. The reason why 18 is determined as the earliest age is that it is the age at which the maturation of the breasts is completed. While individuals are younger, aesthetic concerns are more prominent, but with the advancement of age, the problems caused by saggy breasts become more prominent.

If the person who is considering having this operation is over the age of 40; Before the operation, he should be asked to have monograph examinations and, if he is under 40 years old, to have a breast ultrasound. Because the results of these examinations are used for follow-up in breast screenings.

Boobs; It consists of 2 layers: fat and breast tissue. As expected, the person’s weight and breast size are closely related. In people with excess weight, the breasts are more prone to enlargement as the fat mass in the breasts will be more. However, as the person loses weight, their breasts also shrink a little.

In order to get the healthiest result from the person who wants to have breast lift surgery, it is desired that the patient be at the ideal weight. Breast shape is better preserved in individuals with ideal weight or close to ideal weight.

An important thing to know about breast lift operation; It is related to the possibility of the person not being able to give milk in the future. In general, the techniques used in the surgery allow the patient to give milk in his post-operative life, but the possibility of the patient not being able to give milk in the postoperative period is a fact that should not be forgotten. Depending on the weight gain of the person during pregnancy and lactation, the breasts are filled with milk and grow during this period, but since there will be shrinkage after this period, it is normal for some sagging in the breasts to be renewed. In similar cases; With some minor revisions, the transformation to the state immediately after the surgery can be achieved to a certain extent.

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