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Breast sagging and low breasts are among the most disturbing conditions for women. It can be due to aging, pregnancies, menopause, extreme weight loss, and familial causes. The upper part of the breast flattens and becomes indistinct, while the lower part sags. Breast skin often loses its elasticity and weakens. Thus, you start using bras that are incompatible with your size for lifting. Choosing bras, bikinis and low-cut clothes will be a torment for you. You can get rid of these problems with breast lift.

Look at your breasts in the mirror. If your nipples are above your breast fold line, everything is fine. If it goes down to the level of this line, it can be said that you have mild breast sagging, and if it is below this line, you have severe breast sagging. This indicates that you may need breast lift surgery one day.

In particular, nipples that point straight down indicate the severity of the situation.


There could be many reasons for this. There is a decrease in breast tissue due to hormonal reasons due to aging. This causes the breast to empty and sag. Breastfeeding mothers are also more prone to sagging. When the breasts are full of milk, they enlarge and are discharged with breastfeeding. When this is repeated over and over, the breasts naturally sag. In addition, gravity pulls the breasts down, causing them to sag. In some cases, sagging begins at a very early age and this is entirely due to the congenital weakness of the ligaments that carry the breast.


Do not think that the breasts are sagging due to weak chest muscles and that they will become erect with sports. Anatomically, the chest muscle and breast sagging are not related. You can make many improvements in your body with sports, but breast lift is not one of them.


However, in appropriate breast structures, we can perform the lifting by inserting special suspension ropes by entering only through small holes with the endolift method without making any incisions under local anesthesia. With the help of Botox, we can achieve an effect in a much more limited patient group.


It is possible to reshape the breast, completely remove the sagging, and enlarge or reduce the breast at the same time. I mostly prefer general anesthesia. If the breast sagging is not too much and it is desired to grow a little, with the help of the latest developed special prostheses, lifting can be achieved without leaving much trace. The incision marks on the nipple heal very well. For this reason, we have the chance to keep the scar to a minimum by only lifting the nipple in people who do not have much breast sagging and do not want to grow. When the level of drooping increases slightly and the ideally erect breast is desired, a thin line may remain in the form of a vertical line downwards on the nipple.

As you understand, there are many techniques in breast lift, the one that is suitable for you will only be determined after the examination.

The surgery usually takes 1-2.5 hours in the hospital under general anesthesia. You can stay in the hospital for a day or leave the same day.


A special bra is used for 3-4 weeks. After 5-7 days, he can return to his normal life. There is a feeling of tingling in the chest. Usually, simple painkillers taken by mouth are sufficient. After 3-4 days, the car can be used, especially when the sensitivity in arm movement decreases. Sports such as fitness and tennis, where the arms are used, can be started after 4-5 weeks. It may take up to 3 months for the breast to fully settle and disappear from all swellings. We do not want the suture areas to be exposed to the sun for 1-2 months after the operation.


As long as the reduction is not performed together with the breast lift, there is no problem in breastfeeding. Because the breast tissue and channels are not damaged during the operation.

If you do not want to have difficulties in choosing decollete clothes, bikinis and bras and not to miss this article, we are in the most suitable period for the operation, taking into account the recovery period.

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