Breast Lift

While the nipple should normally look slightly upwards and outwards, over time it starts to show the opposite side and then downwards, the tissues in the upper parts of the breast slide down, resulting in an empty and drooping appearance in the breast, which can be seen as age progresses, after breastfeeding or weight loss. Mastopexy, that is, breast lift surgery, is performed to lift the nipple to the old nipple. If the sagging is a few inches, it is only around the nipple, if it is a little more, it is around the nipple and a downward trace. I do. In some cases, if the inside of the breast is completely emptied, it may be necessary to use a silicone prosthesis to gain volume. After this surgery, as in all breast surgeries, I recommend a bra-shaped corset. The patient can return to work and home life 3-4 days after the operation. After three days, I let go of the bathroom, after a week, sports walking, and after a month, any physical activity.

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