Nipples; Depending on age, breastfeeding as well as gravity, it may become deflated and drooping.
Mastopexy, which makes them upright and plump again, moves the nipple to its proper position.
It is an operation. If the nipple has not descended under the breast and is still facing outward, suspending and
It may be sufficient to fill the empty spaces with the prosthesis. However, if the nipple is directed downwards
In some cases, mastopexy, that is, a type of breast reduction operation, will be necessary. Because prostheses
It does not change the location of the nipple and the fact that the prosthesis and nipple are in different places is a visual problem.
results in inconsistency.

How is the operation done?

Breast lift and augmentation can be done in the same operation, after the prosthesis is attached or
After the breast is given its natural form, it can be performed by attaching a prosthesis. If the breast is forward
If it is large, it should be scaled down. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and its duration is
varies by transaction.

What is the Treatment Period?

Although it varies according to the procedures performed, the treatment process in breast lift surgeries
similar to reduction surgery.

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