Breast enlargement or breast lift? Which one is more suitable for you?

breast augmentation Although the terms breast lift and breast lift are used interchangeably in daily conversations, it should be reminded that they are quite different applications. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your chest area and you are considering a plastic surgery, you should decide which procedure will be more suitable for you.

No more saggy breasts

Chest Lifting surgery, in other words Mastopexy, is an operation to restore sagging breasts to their old appearance, that is, to lift them. A breast lift operation improves a woman’s self-confidence, not just the appearance of her breasts.

bulky boobs

Breast augmentation surgery is based on enlarging and reshaping the breasts by placing silicone breast implants into small or sagging breasts. In addition, breast augmentation surgery can be applied to people who have one or both of their breasts surgically removed after a mastectomy operation. Breast augmentation can also be applied to sagging breasts. However, keep in mind that breast augmentation may not be sufficient to correct sagging breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller and bigger and more alive, you may need a breast lift operation in addition to silicone breast augmentation surgery.

Breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery are unique procedures and must be performed for the right reasons. If you want to have plastic surgery, you should have it done for yourself and you should not try to adapt your body to unrealistic body images. Review the items below to decide whether you are suitable for breast augmentation or lift operations.

– If your breast development is complete,

– If you are physically healthy,

– If you think your breasts are small and it bothers you,

– If you have realistic goals,

– If there are differences in size and shape between your two breasts,

– If your breasts have lost their fullness or sagging,

– If there is a developmental disorder in one or both of your breasts, you are a suitable candidate for breast aesthetics.

If breast aesthetic operations are performed correctly, they are operations that will add color to your life and make you happy.

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