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Breasts are structures that are accepted as a symbol of femininity as well as being an indicator of fertility. Breast development begins in adolescence and usually completes within a few years and reaches adult sizes. For this reason, if there is no hormonal or developmental problem in people who have not reached the desired size until the age of 18 or have no developed breast structure, it should not be expected to change spontaneously. In many cases, breast augmentation operations are performed starting from the age of 18.

Breast augmentation with “Silicone Breast Prosthesis” is the safest and most accurate way that can be accepted as a method of enlargement if the breasts are small. Since the use of silicone prosthesis, which has negligible side effects and harm to the body, and is highly compatible and does not change in the body, no method has been found that can provide superiority to this. Since it can be left for many years after being placed in the body, it is not possible to remove it again and again. Prostheses of various shapes (round, drop, anatomical) and sizes are produced in order to reach the body structures, breast characteristics and desired size of the people. Although all of these prostheses are made of silicone on the outside, they may be filled with silicone gel or water containing isotonic sodium chloride. In the selection of this, the characteristics of the person and the choice of the doctor become important.

One of the most talked about subjects in breast augmentation is the way in which the prosthesis will be placed. There are three main ways to place a silicone prosthesis on the breasts. These are under the nipple (inferior periolar), under the breast (submamarial) and under the arm (axillary) ways, and there may be reasons and necessity for preference in all three ways. In fact, it is important to place the prosthesis on which plane, under the breast tissue or under the deeper muscle, compared to which way it is placed. These methods, which have different advantages and disadvantages compared to each other, are selected by considering the breast, body and skin characteristics of the patient. Unfortunately, the choice of these methods may sometimes not match the patient’s desire.

Since breast augmentation surgeries with silicone breast prosthesis are usually applied to young or middle-aged women, that is, to women of childbearing age, it is the subject of what kind of problems will be encountered during and after pregnancy. Since the breast prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue or under the deeper muscle, it does not come into contact with milk. With appropriate methods, the mammary glands and their connection with the milk ducts are not impaired. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the prostheses during pregnancy.

Although the desired result can be obtained by applying breast prosthesis to many patients, in some cases, only augmentation is not sufficient. Additional interventions such as removal of breast sagging or correction of its shape are required.

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