Over the years, factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity cause the elasticity of the skin and connective tissues in the breast to be lost. As a result, the shape of the breast deteriorates, it begins to soften and sag. In addition, the nipples may be wider than normal. Breast lift is a surgical procedure in which the excess skin on the breast is removed and the inner breast tissue is shaped to reshape, lift and harden sagging breasts. At the same time, the nipple and its circumference are brought to the required position and the width of the nipple circumference can be reduced. As an alternative method, in patients with low breast sagging, lifting can be achieved using only a silicone prosthesis.


Anyone with sagging breasts and excess skin can have breast lift surgery. Some patients undergo breast lift surgery after losing excessive weight or having weight loss surgery. Sometimes, this surgery is preferred to correct asymmetrical breasts without using a silicone prosthesis. However, the main reason why many patients want to have this surgery is to eliminate the negative consequences of the natural effect of gravity after weight gain, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

If you are planning to have children, tell your doctor about this as future pregnancy may affect the results of breast lift surgery. Your interview with Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu will clarify the features and details of the procedure. Before going to your appointment with your doctor, make sure you have done research on the results of breast lift surgery.


For patients who are candidates for breast lift surgery but also want to increase the size and volume of their breasts, breast augmentation surgery (mostly with silicone prostheses) can be applied simultaneously with breast lift surgery. These two procedures can be done simultaneously or in two separate sessions. Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu will ask you whether you want breast augmentation in addition to breast lift surgery during the pre-operative interview.


In breast lift surgery, many factors such as the size and shape of the desired breast, its firmness, the position of the nipple circumference and the elasticity of your skin should be taken into consideration; These issues will be discussed during your pre-operative meeting with your doctor. In all breast lift surgeries, there is a scar around the nipple (figure 1). In some patients, it may be necessary to use a vertical scar between the nipple and the inframammary fold (figure2), and in some patients, it may be necessary to use a horizontal scar along the inframammary fold along with this vertical scar (inverted T) (figure3).

After the incision is made, the underlying breast tissue will be reshaped. The nipple circumference is placed in a natural and symmetrical position and excess skin is removed to give the sagging skin a younger and more beautiful appearance. Stitches are thrown aesthetically so that they are not visible from the outside. A typical breast lift surgery takes an average of 3 hours. However, this period is never certain. Because Assoc.Dr.Haldun Kamburoğlu continues your surgery until you get the most beautiful and aesthetic breast.


After the operation, 2-3 days of dressing is sufficient. As your breasts heal, a support bra is worn on the 1st day after surgery to both support your breasts and reduce swelling. Usually a small thin tube is placed under the tissue (drain); The purpose of this tube is to allow leaks that may occur after surgery to be discharged more easily. Although it varies from person to person, these tubes are removed on the 2nd day. Pain treatment is sufficient for 48 hours. Average hospital stay is 1 day. It will be good to have someone accompany you after the operation and on the way home. At your discharge, you will be prescribed painkillers, antibiotics and scar reducers.

It usually takes 7 days for a patient to return to normal work life. Our patients should avoid exercising and heavy lifting for 4 weeks following the surgery. Unless otherwise stated in the post-operative controls, you should also avoid contacting the operation area with water. This period is an average of 3 days. For a few weeks after the operation, your breasts may swell and there may be bruises. This is perfectly normal. Unless the swelling in your breasts is completely gone, you cannot see and understand the results of breast surgery 100%.

During the recovery period of breast lift surgery, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations of Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu for a perfect result. If patients have questions or concerns after the operation, you can contact them directly on their mobile phone.


Is There Any Scar After Breast Lift Surgery?

The clarity of the scar that will remain after breast reduction surgery varies according to three things. These are the technique applied, the genetics of the person and environmental factors. In order to reduce the amount of scarring, techniques with less scarring listed above may be preferred in suitable patients. You have no chance to change your genetics to leave less scars. However, by not smoking and eating a diet rich in vitamin C and protein, you can reduce the clarity of the scar that will remain. Although it is possible to try to reduce the clarity of the trace that will remain, unfortunately it is not possible in today’s technology to leave no trace. If the methods that would leave no scars were described, for example, we would have done the nose surgery directly over the nostrils rather than through them. In addition, Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu has developed new techniques to reduce scar clarity during his aesthetic surgery residency in Europe. After your surgery, special creams will also be prescribed to reduce scar clarity and the possibility of puffy scars.

Is There Any Problem With Sensation Or Circulation Of My Nipple After Breast Lift Surgery?

Although this type of complication has not been experienced in any of the patients of Assoc. Because in this surgery, the nipple is transferred to its new position on a thin stem. Although there is no way to definitively understand the power of this stem to feed the nipple during surgery, this risk is minimized with various precautions and experience.

Can I Breastfeed My Baby After Breast Lift Surgery?

Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu uses a technique that enables the continuation of breastfeeding skills in his surgeries. However, a decrease in the amount of breastfeeding may be observed due to the type of surgery performed. On the other hand, this situation also depends on the type of surgical application, whether the patient has the ability to breastfeed before the operation, and anatomical features such as breast size. If breastfeeding cannot be achieved after the surgery, the main reason for this may be the patient’s inability to breastfeed due to hormonal or genetic reasons. Because technically, lifting surgery does not eliminate breastfeeding, but it can reduce it. In your pre-operative meeting with Associate Professor Haldun Kamburoğlu, talk about whether you are likely to become pregnant in the future.

Breast lift surgery is a very common operation. It has been reported in the scientific literature that many women have a significant increase in their self-confidence after having this surgery.

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