Breast cancer screening frequency.

The Turkish Society of Radiology reports that according to the only study conducted in our country, 50% of breast cancers are found under the age of 50 in Turkey, therefore, women should be screened with mammography annually from the age of 40 to at least 70 years old (1).

Dr. According to the Breast Federation data, Fatih Aydoğan claims that “breast cancers under the age of 40 are 3-6% in the west, while it is 20% in our country, and that the age at which breast cancer occurs in Turkey is 11 years earlier than in the USA (2).

Many of our colleagues, Dr. Because of Aydoğan showing only numerical data, ” scientific” in the belief that he takes a stance.

What I see is that even in the academic world there are serious problems with how to interpret the findings of a study and how to measure its scientific value.

So before we discuss the effectiveness of mammography screening “ information” with ” informationWe need to draw attention to the difference between

prof. Dr. Ahmet Inamexplains this difference as follows:

“Knowledge begins with discussing the information, questioning it, trying to put it in a whole. People who do not need knowledge and live with knowledge can be easily manipulated and skillfully shaped by the media and “education”. Information has become technology; Countries like us are trying to catch up with this technology; for this, the touts are praising the age and extolling “knowledge”. These people, who cannot access the knowledge of knowledge, can only ” knowledge sucker“it can be said”.

Turkish Society of Radiology, Dr. Aydogan also did not show the national sources they used. I reached their possible sources (4,5) with my guesses. If I can’t hit it, I ask them to correct me, and if I’m wrong, I take my comments back.

In the sources I have mentioned and in other studies and comments that refer to them, it is clearly stated that ” taking sides” I see.

To put it simply, our friends showed that the characteristics of women with breast cancer who applied to certain centers in a certain period of time ” to represent the country They are mistaken and do not even realize that they have built all their thesis on this false assumption. Each of the many method and interpretation errors, even alone, scientific‘ precludes counting.

I don’t even need to mention the National Breast Federation, but if the Turkish Radiology Association puts these errors aside and gives references, the problem is very serious!

the truth of the matter, In our country and in other countries, the frequency of breast cancers under the age of 40 and 50 is definitely lower than those in older ages.!

Regarding this, Assoc. Dr. Sultan Eser’s explanations are quite sufficient (6).

I have mammography scans Annually in your 40s and beyondI argue that it should be done, but this is because ” information owners “It is not as he thinks that breast cancer is more common in young women in our country! I have shared the reasons in my other articles and will continue to share them.





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