Breast (breast) enlargement

Breast Augmentation Surgery


In the text you will read below, you will have information about silicone prostheses used in breast surgeries.

I have compiled and answered the questions that most patients want to ask before going to the doctor.

Which is the most effective breast augmentation procedure?

Today, the most effective way for breast augmentation is surgery with silicone prostheses. Ready fillings and fat fillings are never an alternative to this process and will never be satisfactory. The talk of augmentation with stem cells or hormones are just rumors for advertising purposes.

What types of silicone prostheses are used?

Currently, the most popular and most commonly used type of prosthesis is silicone gel prostheses with a rough or textured surface. Prostheses with saline content and flat surfaces are still available, but their use is very limited. Recently, micropolyurethane foam prostheses have come to the fore, but they have not become widespread yet.

How reliable are silicone prostheses in terms of health?

Silicon is one of the most compatible materials for the human body. In our daily life, we are in constant contact with silicone materials (such as chewing gum, wearing shoes, getting an injection).

Can I breastfeed after the silicone prosthesis operation?

Definitely yes. The part where the prosthesis is placed is under the breast tissue where the milk ducts are.

How long is the life of the breast prosthesis?

The prostheses produced today are used for life and are under the guarantee of the companies for 10 years.

How does pregnancy affect the process?

Surgery is not performed during pregnancy. It is recommended not to become pregnant for at least 6 months after the operation. After delivery, it would be appropriate to wait 1 year for the operation.

Are silicone prostheses too heavy?

It varies depending on their size and volume. For example, a prosthesis with a volume of 250cc weighs approximately 250gr.

Can I board the plane after the surgery? Can I dive underwater?

You can board the plane immediately. Cabins are pressure controlled. It will be necessary to wait 3 months for underwater diving.

Can I have a mammogram after surgery?

There is no problem. However, it can make mammography imaging difficult and it may be necessary to take it from different angles or use a different method. Those who have a family history of cancer and are under strict mammographic follow-up should act according to their doctor’s recommendations.

I am over 50 years old. Am I too old for a silicone prosthesis?

Age does not matter if your general health is suitable for surgery.

Will smoking affect my recovery?

As in all other operations, it can affect the process negatively, as it delays wound healing in breast operations.

When can I take a bath after surgery?

You can take a shower after 2-3 days. However, I suggest waiting 10 days for a bubble bath.

Will my nipple tenderness disappear?

Although it varies according to the type of operation, this problem is almost never encountered in the most up-to-date technique of placing a prosthesis under the breast.

When can I start physical activities after breast augmentation surgery?

Although it varies from person to person, it may be necessary to wait 3 months for heavy exercises based on arm movements. However, 1 month is sufficient for normal physical activities.

Will I have pain after the surgery?

Post-operative pain is expected due to the tightening of the skin and the pocket opened under the muscle tissue. Pain, especially in the first few days, can be relieved with painkillers.

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