Breast Augmentation Surgery

In Which Situations Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Applied?

Breast augmentation surgeries are generally performed against major weight loss, shape and size changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The aim of this surgery is to bring asymmetrical breasts to symmetrical sizes.

It can be applied to people who have been treated for breast cancer to adjust the size and shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is among the aesthetic breast surgeries. With this surgery, the appearance of the breasts is beautified and it is aimed to obtain a more pleasant appearance. It is not appropriate to have this plastic surgery in terms of living standards or to fix your relationship that is getting worse. Because relying on this situation will not be the right behavior.

In order to have more aesthetic breasts, it would be best to decide on your own will to have breast augmentation surgery. If you act at the insistence of any person around you or make decisions in line with their wishes; Your chances of making the wrong decision will increase a lot.

Determining the Ideal Breast Size

Ideal breast sizes vary from person to person. Breast augmentation surgeries are performed in proportion to height and weight. This plastic surgery is of great interest to both young women and middle-aged women. The first of the questions asked to the doctor during the examination for surgery; “How big will the breast be?” poses a question.

Almost all of the aesthetic surgeries are operations that are deemed appropriate to be done once, both financially and morally. If the patient is not satisfied with the first operation, revision surgery is needed. Such surgeries, on the other hand, negatively affect both the psychology and the budget of the patient.

Due to the main reasons mentioned above, it is more appropriate to decide on the size of the breast by taking into account the recommendations of the surgeons. Because surgeons aim for natural results in order to achieve the most aesthetic appearance for their patients.

Having the optimum values ​​after breast augmentation surgery is as important for doctors as for patients.

Preparation Stages for Breast Augmentation Surgery

As with any surgery, the preparation stage for this surgery is a very exciting period. Along with excitement, of course, experiencing stress should also be considered natural. If a healthy planning is created before the surgery, this process can be overcome much more easily. After the surgery, a more comfortable and easier recovery process is experienced.

Personal Precautions

The first and basic step of the preparation phase of the surgery is personal precautions. You should determine who will be with you in the first 24 hours after the surgery. In addition, it is advantageous for you that this person can drive a car. Or you will need a relative or friend who can drive.

You will need people who can reduce your responsibilities at home and at work. In other words, if this person completes the meal preparation and heavy cleaning work at home before you come home, this situation will make you very comfortable. If you have not thought of arranging such a person, we recommend that you ask a relative for help in this regard.

We recommend that you prepare and provide the materials you think you will need as a list before the surgery day arrives. Because even if you calculate everything, you are likely to encounter some problems.

Important Tips About Surgery

If you smoke, you should shelve this habit for a certain period of time before the surgery by consulting your doctor.

It is very important that you give your doctor complete and accurate information about the medications you have been using recently. Because some drugs, such as aspirin, can trigger your bleeding after surgery. For this reason, it is very important to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

At least one week before the surgery, you should definitely not drink alcohol and consume healthy foods.

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