breast augmentation operation

Silicone prostheses are used to imitate breast tissue in breast augmentation surgeries. With the help of these prostheses placed under the breast tissue or muscle, the desired size and form of the breast is obtained.

Before Operation:

Breast augmentation surgery is planned by taking into account the amount, shape and breast-body dimensions of the patient’s breast and fat tissue. After this planning made according to the individual characteristics of the patient, it is decided which type and size of the prosthesis is more suitable. Depending on the technique followed in the placement of the prosthesis, a short scar will remain around the nipple, under the arm or in the lower part of the breast.


Breast augmentation surgery is the process of placing a silicone implant behind the breast tissue by making an incision. The incision is 3.5-4 cm. It can be done in 3 places: the armpit line, the junction of brown and white on the underside of the nipple, or the lower crease of the breast. After the incision, the silicone implant can be placed at 3 different points: under the breast tissue, just under the membrane covering the chest muscle (subfascial-fascia), or behind the muscle (submuscular-under the muscle).

Which Type of Prosthesis?

The type of silicone to be used is very diverse:

According to its shape:drop (anatomical), round (round) that we just mentioned above

According to the surface structure:textured, smooth surface

By height (projection):flat (low profile), moderately protruding (moderate), forward protruding (high profile) and very high protruding

– According to its content:Cohesive gel and prostheses with saline can be used.

Round prostheses are preferred for breasts with a more empty upper part. For breasts with enough tissue in the upper part, it may be sufficient to fill only the middle part of the breasts. For those with less breast tissue, drop-shaped prostheses with less downward inclination at the top and larger as they descend are among the options for a natural appearance. These prostheses are ideal for creating a soft angle.

The incision site, the location of the silicone and the type of silicone to be used differ in each patient. After the examination, he will recommend you the most suitable method and silicone type for your body, taking into account your wishes and expectations.

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