Breast augmentation operation; here is the information for you!

Breast augmentation operation; It is a procedure applied in cases where the breast mass is insufficient after puberty or in women with poor breast appearance. In addition, women with both breasts as unacceptably asymmetrical are also suitable candidates for this operation. Breast volume may decrease in women who have lost significant weight or have had a pregnancy, and in this case, breast augmentation may be required.

Breast augmentation operation is performed by placing a drop or round shaped prosthesis filled with silicone gel under or over the breast muscle, under or at the tip of the breast. Thus, breast enlargement is ensured. However, which type of prosthesis will be used for which patient is very related to the experience of the physician. The subject of placing the prosthesis under or over the muscle also varies for each patient. In this regard, it is very inconvenient to apply the same method in all patients and adversely affects the postoperative success rate.

Appropriate size and quality prosthesis should be used according to the breast tissue, body structure and expectation of the patient. When low quality prostheses are used, problems may arise in the early or late postoperative periods. After breast augmentation surgeries, “capsule” formation may occur. This situation manifests itself with the formation of a thick sheath around the implanted prosthesis, resulting in the breasts being very hard, losing their naturalness and accompanying pain in the advanced stages. This situation is more common in inexperienced hands, when sloppy surgical technique is applied and poor quality prostheses are used. If the pocket where the prosthesis will be placed is carefully prepared during the operation, there is no need to use sports bras recommended by many of our colleagues for an average of 1.5 months after the operation. Rarely, some patients may present with an exaggerated desire for large breasts. In such cases, the patient should be properly guided. There is no such thing as an explosion in the prosthesis. It is extremely safe as it is extremely elastic due to its structure. Since the prosthesis is placed under the muscle or above the muscle, which is an area away from the breast tissue, there is never any problem with breastfeeding. Prostheses should be selected according to the shape of the breast, body type and planned breast size.

In experienced hands, patients experience a smooth and painless postoperative period. They return to their social life in about 3 days and can do sports after 1 week.

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