Breast Augmentation operation

Will my breasts be the size I want?

Breast can be made in any size you want. We ask you how big you want before the operation.

Can I breastfeed if I have a baby after breast augmentation?

Breast implants are placed in the space created between the breast tissue and the chest wall, that is, they do not have any connection to the milk ducts.

What kind of problems can I experience with the operation?

There may be swelling and pain in the first few days after the operation. The swelling goes away in a few days.

There may be accumulation due to leaking blood around the implant. Most of these deposits are absorbed and disappear within a few days. Very rarely, an opening of approximately 0.5 cm can be created in the suture area and draining can be done.

Does breast implant cause cancer?

There is no proven evidence that implants cause cancer in studies conducted to date.

Will a breast implant explode?

It definitely won’t explode.

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