Breast augmentation is now safe and natural

There have been rapid and positive developments in breast prostheses and surgical techniques over the years. As a result of this; It has brought us to the point we dreamed of in breast augmentation with its natural appearance, softness, lifelong warranty, and rapid recovery.

The breast is one of the most important organs symbolizing femininity. Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. Only they know the difficulties women go through in choosing bikinis and underwear, especially in the summer.

The need is felt as a result of the breasts being small compared to the body lines, growth retardation due to familial or hormonal reasons, shrinkage after birth or weight loss, and discharges in the breast structure as a result of removal of a mass from the breast.

For breast enlargement, many herbal tablets, creams are available in the market. Some contain hormones, so they disrupt your hormone balance and may increase your risk of cancer. It makes very little hardness in the breast during its use, but when it is left, it returns to its former state and cannot grow as a body.


Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgeries. Breast augmentation technique is the safest, most widely used method accepted today.

The rate of magnification and the type of prosthesis to be placed; It is determined by taking into account the desire of the person, the condition of the existing breast and the dimensions of the rib cage.

Breast prostheses are filled with silicone gel or saline in a membrane made of silicone, a few millimeters thick. The silicone placed in the prosthesis is not a harmful substance for the body, it does not enter into a chemical reaction with the organism after it is placed in the body. It is a scientific fact that there is no relationship between silicone and breast cancer. Silicone gel-containing prostheses are closer to the breast fold when touched.

Prostheses are generally divided into round, anatomical (drop) prostheses according to their shape. There are many different types of prostheses that can be placed according to the person’s structure. Water drop prostheses are more compatible with the natural shape of the breast. In recent years, rough surface prostheses have been used. The purpose of these prostheses was to reduce the possibility of capsule formation and this was successful. There are 250 different models of prostheses to be determined according to the breast structure of the person.

Locations of prostheses; nipple circumference, inframammary fold, armpit area and belly button. The incision scar from the nipple heals very well, the nipple size of the person should be appropriate. When it is made from the under-breast fold, 3-3.5 cm thin line traces may remain, and the fold is not easily noticed because it is in place. There is no change in the rate of milk production. Armpit and navel are techniques in which prostheses with serum content can be used, the softness of the gel is not found in serum-containing ones.

Prostheses are used for many years as long as there is no special problem. It does not need to be removed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


There have also been serious changes in the surgical method. The most important example of this is the newly introduced dual plan, that is, double-level surgeries.

In the old method, the silicone was placed either under the breast or under the muscle. The silicone placed under the breast lifted the breast well, but it caused an unnatural swelling in the décolleté area in thin people.

When placed under the muscle, this silicone image was prevented, but this time the breasts could not be lifted enough. In the “Dual Plan Method”, it is possible to stay under the breast in the lower part and lift the breast sufficiently, and in the upper part, it is possible to pass under the muscle and ensure that the upper décolleté is completely natural.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia or sedation. The operation usually takes one to one and a half hours. The patient can leave the hospital the same day or the next day.


After the operation, you can get up and walk around, you may feel a little tightness for a few days. After the operation, a sports bra is put on. This bra is used for 2-4 weeks. There are no seams on the leather surface as hidden, aesthetic stitching is applied. Within 5-7 days, they recover enough to be able to do all kinds of activities, provided that they are not heavy, tiring and long-term. It will take 2-5 weeks for the edema in the breast to go down completely.

A rare problem is capsule formation. This is the compression of the prosthesis with a sheath formed by the body around the prosthesis. The occurrence of this can be prevented to a large extent by performing the massages described after the surgery regularly.

New prostheses are insured by the manufacturer with a replacement policy for free replacement of the prosthesis in case of any product defect or the need for replacement due to loss of sheath strength resulting in tearing.



This method is mostly preferred by women who are afraid of surgery, cannot have prosthesis and wonder how they will look with a large breast. The procedure is short and the patient’s absence from daily activities is minimized.

This application takes place under local anesthesia, it should be done by experts. The procedure is carried out by injection method without incision. The application takes 15-30 minutes. Ideal for patients who are afraid of surgery and cannot receive general anesthesia. Afterwards, there may be a feeling of tension and mild pain, but painkillers are sufficient.


The amount to be taken from the body in the fat injection process varies according to the amount to be injected into the breast. It can be taken from any part of the body that has excess fat. Since the amount taken is usually very small, it does not cause irregularity. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It takes 30-60 minutes depending on the area. 2mm. Fat is aspirated from the incision. The fat stem cells taken are separated with special solutions, and fat transplantation is performed by microinjection layer by layer with blunt needles that do not damage the tissue. After the operation, there is no discomfort to the degree of pain. Mild swelling and redness may occur at the injection site. Edema and redness disappear in 2-7 days. Fat injection method using one’s own fat tissue and macrolane application are techniques that provide limited growth and require repetition.

With breast augmentation techniques, you will have fuller and more beautiful-looking breasts and a more proportional body shape. The new techniques provide a natural appearance so that when you look at you, it will not be understood that you have undergone an operation for your breast. May all the beauties be with you with your natural and good-looking breasts…

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