Breast Augmentation in 5 Questions

What is the best time for breast augmentation surgery?

Every month and every time of the year is suitable for breast augmentation surgeries. For this, it is sufficient not to look at certain months of the year, but to choose the most suitable time for oneself.

When will swelling and edema disappear after breast augmentation surgeries?

The patient comes out of the operation with a special corset and continues to wear this corset day and night for 15 days. The swelling starts to decrease from the 15th day. The prostheses become softer day by day and take a natural shape slightly downwards. Although it varies according to the person, it takes its full shape in the 3rd month and gets rid of its edema completely.

Should I choose a drop denture or a round denture?

The shape of the prosthesis is chosen depending on the body structure of the person and the shape of the rib cage. During the preliminary interview, your doctor will make the best evaluation for you. Therefore, at this point, the patient should express to his doctor what kind of breast shape he wants and should be open to professional guidance from the doctor.

Will silicone prostheses prevent me from breastfeeding?

Prostheses placed under the muscle do not harm the milk ducts in any way. In other words, if you have chosen breast augmentation with the submuscular method, the breastfeeding function will not be affected in any way.

Which region should I choose for the insertion site of the prosthesis?

Many different entry sites are used in breast augmentation surgeries. However, the most preferred is the application made with a 4 cm incision under the breast. In this application, a scar remains on the breast, but this scar will not be visible as the breast will be in the exact fold of the breast and will fade over time.

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