Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

What is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

It is used in terms such as prosthesis and implant for silicone. After all, breast augmentation or breast enlargement using a material is called Breast Augmentation or Breast Augmentation surgery.

There is no specific standard for breast augmentation or breast augmentation surgeries. Everyone’s body structure is different. Beautifying every body is different.

The shape of the rib cage, the size of the nipple, and the characteristics of the breast tissue are effective in the planning of breast augmentation surgeries. During breast augmentation, the breasts are evaluated as a whole with the body.

You may have gained and lost a lot of weight, your breasts may have shrunk because of this. By placing the implant, fullness can be given, breast volume can be enlarged (breast enlargement).

Your breasts may be deformed due to postpartum breastfeeding and hormonal reasons. Its appearance may be sagging or your breast tissue may be empty. These dissatisfactions can be eliminated by placing the prosthesis. If the sagging is more than normal, the solution in the same breast augmentation surgery may be both prosthesis placement and breast lift.

Although you have completed your puberty, you may have unilateral breast development. So you may have asymmetrical breasts. The asymmetry-unevenness of your breasts can be eliminated by placing silicone.

You may have lost your breast after your cancer treatment, which is one of the most important reasons. With surgery, your morale can be improved, you can leave the sad days behind and get back to your old days.

Small breasts, which are one of the most important organs in the disproportionate appearance of the body, can be provided with a proportional appearance to the body by surgical intervention, by placing a prosthesis.

In short, whatever the reason is, the process of enlarging the breasts by placing prosthesis-implant-silicone is called ‘Breast Augmentation’ surgery.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Safe?

Research on the breast organ, which makes women feel that they are a woman, and provides self-confidence with its existence and size, has been going on since 1800. Breasts that do not develop and remain small even though they have completed puberty have been making women unhappy since these years. In these years, the first breast augmentation attempts were carried out as medicine by placing material on the breast. The first material was sponge.

As research continued, more pleasing modern materials were used in 1962. Even in those years, many women enlarged the volume of their breasts with these modern materials. Breast augmentation surgeries, which have been performed since ancient times, are safe aesthetic operations that women can consider without fear today.

With breast augmentation, women have enlarged, plump and erect breasts. Since then, women who have mental problems because their breasts have not completed their development have been more energetic and happy by getting rid of small breasts with surgery. They regain their self-confidence and are happier when shopping for clothes and underwear.

How Should Breast Aesthetics Be?

Breast prostheses come in two forms as round and drop models.

Since each woman’s breast characteristics and areas of fullness are different, your doctor should decide which implant is appropriate. Of course, it can be the shape you want during your research. But in your one-to-one examination, our doctor will determine the shape according to your breast characteristics with his experience.

In technical information, people are confused by comparing the round and the drop of the prosthesis to each other and choosing it is better for one. Since each patient has different breast characteristics, it would not be correct to say that this is the best. When the drop is said to be better, the round is perceived as not good, or when the round is called good, the drop is perceived as not good.

Maya Aesthetic Surgery plastic surgeons examine each patient and decide on the aesthetically beautiful prosthesis shape that is suitable for the breast of the person. With examples from people who have had surgery before, you are provided with information about the shape.

What are Breast Augmentation Methods?

In plastic surgeries for breast augmentation, the same material called implant-prosthesis-silicone is used. Breasts can be enlarged with fat injection without any material being attached.

How Is It Before And After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

• Smoking may adversely affect general anesthesia comfort and wound healing. For this reason, it would be beneficial to stop using it 1 week before the surgery.

• Your monthly period (menstrual period) There may be a tendency to bleed during surgery, so your surgery may need to be postponed, although not necessarily. Inform your doctor about this situation.

• Use of aspirin, herbal medicines and vitamin tablets and taking garlic should be stopped 10 days before the operation date, as they increase the tendency to bleed.

• If you have an upper respiratory tract infection, inform your doctor, your surgery may need to be postponed.

• As a result of the measurements made by your doctor, a few prostheses in the appropriate size will be ordered together with the impression prostheses.

• Do not forget to bring the blood and urine tests requested by your doctor on the morning of the surgery. These results will be required in the examination by the anesthesiologist.

• Stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the operation.

• Do not forget to bring 2 elastic bandages written by your doctor when you come to the surgery.

• Antibiotic injection will be made before the operation as a precaution against the risk of infection.

After Breast (Breast) Augmentation Aesthetics

• Antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medication to prevent pain will be started right after the surgery.

• If silicone prostheses are placed under the breast tissue, you may have mild pain for 2-3 days. However, if it is placed under the muscle, the pain will be a little more and may last up to 5 days. In this period, the pain can be reduced with restriction of arm movements and muscle relaxants.

• If you do not have nausea 6 hours after the operation, you will be allowed to take liquid foods.

• If you had your surgery in the morning, you can go home in the evening, if you had surgery in the afternoon, you may need to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

• Do not smoke for 1 week after the operation.

• Do not take aspirin and similar drugs, herbal and vitamin tablets for 10 days after the surgery as they increase the tendency to bleed.

• In order to preserve the shape given to your breasts and to prevent post-operative blood accumulation, a pressure bandage with an elastic bandage will be applied to the breast at the end of the operation and this bandage will be used continuously for 4-5 days.

• It is important to use tight bras used by athletes for 2 weeks after the bandages are removed in order to preserve the shape. You can then start using a regular bra.

• The 2nd week after surgery is considered the ideal time to start breast massage. Breast ( chest ) Take care to do your massage as described by your doctor and in the amount recommended. Do not forget that performing breast massage correctly is one of the most important steps in preventing the emergence of undesirable conditions such as capsular contracture that may occur in the future.

Who can be applied breast augmentation operation?

Any woman over the age of 18 who does not have any health problems that may prevent the operation can have a breast augmentation operation.

Is breast augmentation surgery with silicone healthy?

The quality of the prosthesis used is important. Manufactured with the latest technology, FDA Breast augmentation operations performed with approved, high-quality prostheses are extremely healthy. With the developing prosthetic technology, silicone prostheses no longer need to be removed at any time. Silicone prosthesis companies give a lifetime warranty to their products. For this reason, surgery can be performed with the right brand of silicone prostheses with peace of mind. Studies have shown that silicone prosthesis does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Is it painful after Breast Augmentation Surgery? How soon can I return to work?

Since the skin will stretch after the operation, there may be a feeling of tension. Pain is slightly more in prosthetic operations performed with muscle intervention. As a result, pain that will be controlled with painkillers and muscle relaxants may be experienced for a few days. You can get up and walk 3-4 hours after the operation. After the operation, the person can return to his desk job 3 days later and to his normal life 1 week later.

Silicone Pops?

Under normal conditions, silicones do not explode, regardless of their internal structure. Many clinical tests are carried out in their production. It is resistant to the impacts of the nozzles. Cutting with a tool, sinking an object, traffic accident blows and armed attacks are exceptional events. Silicones can stay for a lifetime. Over the years, after the changes towards gravity, the silicone can be changed and the breasts can be erected, depending on the patient’s request. Manufacturers give a lifetime for silicones. They do not turn into any other substance in our body. They are not perceived as a foreign substance in our body. In short, they do not harm the body. Their thickness is several mm.

‘Cohesive Gel’ is the most used silicones in recent years. The gel in it does not flow even if any sharp object sinks. It does not interfere with the body. Its properties are closer to the consistency of breast tissue. Thanks to gel silicones, very successful results can be obtained in breasts with asymmetric development.

How Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Injection?

Oil injection, medicine, etc. While breast augmentation with breast augmentation can be dangerous, no surgeon who performs his job professionally and successfully uses any augmentation method other than silicone.

With this method, giving fullness to the breast is valid for a certain period of time, 2-3 years. The effect of enlargement creams and pills is temporary and risky. Since 1962, implants have been used successfully and are the most reliable augmentation method as a result of medical research.

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