Breast Augmentation

The most frequently performed operation in breast aesthetics is “Breast

Magnification”. Breast development in women stops with the end of puberty.

Although insufficient breast volume can be concealed with properly formed bras, many

women are more comfortable and comfortable in their choice of clothes, swimwear and underwear, especially in summer.

in order to be able to make choices and to be happier with the image in the mirror.

prefer breast augmentation operations. Advanced surgery used today

Breast augmentation is now the most commonly applied and best method of plastic surgery.

It has been one of the aesthetic initiatives that yielded results.

What kind of process awaits the patient in breast augmentation surgeries?

The process in aesthetic operations is carried out by the meeting between the patient and the physician.

starts. In the control, the patient expresses his expectations from breast augmentation surgery

and the physician tells the degree of possibility of these expectations. in plastic surgery

communication is everything. Therefore, before breast augmentation surgery, the patient should

express to your doctor exactly and clearly how much greatness you want, and

should leave the choice of prosthesis to the physician. On the muscle of the prosthesis during surgery

After the examination, the physician decides whether to apply it under the muscle or under the muscle.

Prosthesis Selection

In Breast Augmentation Surgery, patients are usually round (round) and dropper.

Although they know two types of prostheses (anatomically), these prostheses are actually width,

It has hundreds of varieties with features such as diameter, height, surface structure.

While determining the most suitable prosthesis shape for the person, height, weight, body structure, size

features such as posture, thorax, etc. are taken into account. These prostheses are made by the US FDA.

They are approved and safe products. Because it is filled with a cohesive gel structure,

Even when cut in half, no liquid flows through them.

Prosthesis Entry Site

In breast augmentation surgeries, prosthesis can be placed from 4 different places.

From the under-breast fold: It is the most preferred and safest method.

It is easy to apply for the surgeon, and quick for the patient to recover. Milk with incision under the breast

channels are not damaged. The incision scar is not visible as it will remain under the breast crease.

and its appearance becomes obscure by fading over time.

Underarm: Entry is made by cutting from the armpit line, but this

In this method, drop prosthesis placement is very difficult. This is less preferred.

In this method, round prostheses are usually placed.

From the nipple: A pocket to be opened for the placement of the prosthesis, by cutting the nipple

milk ducts may be damaged. This can both interfere with breastfeeding and

may increase bacterial contamination.

From the belly button: This method is almost never used in Turkey.

not applied. Because with this method, liquid filled prostheses are used. Empty

The prosthesis is placed from the belly button to the breast and the inside of the pocket is placed.

is filled. Since it has many disadvantages, this method is almost never preferred.

is not done.

Surgery Process

Breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and an average of 1.5

takes up to an hour. An incision of approximately 4.5 cm to fit the breast crease

with prosthesis placement. After the operation, the patient is given an average of 1 month.

wears a special bra. Generally, to get through the first night more comfortably

For this reason, a first-day hospital stay is recommended. Pain after surgery

With the cutters, the patient gets through the first night comfortably and comfortably.

Those who have an active business life after breast augmentation surgery, 4 days later

can get back to work. On the second day, the patient can take a bath. of the first week

Then you can walk and start sports that require active arm movement in the first month.

can finally start.

The patient comes to the first control 3 days after the operation. Then the frequency decreases

checks continue. The breast prosthesis looks hard and larger in the first days.

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