breast augmentation


Interventions are widely applied for congenital or developmental problems of the breasts, which are an important element of the physical structure of women. The aim is to achieve a symmetrical, natural and permanent cosmetic result without impairing breast functions (nipple sensation, lactation).

To whom should it be done?

Those with congenital or developmental (weight loss, post-pregnancy) insufficient breast tissue, those who want fuller and attractive breasts.

How big should it be?

The decision is made by considering the patient’s request, the chest wall and the position of the breasts. By using breast prostheses of appropriate size and characteristics, natural and permanent results are obtained.

Is augmentation possible without surgery?

No ! Breast augmentation is not possible with drugs or liquid injections, and such products can harm your health. Since oil, stem cell and similar applications are still in the experimental stage, their efficacy and safety are not known.

How is the surgery done?

After the necessary examination and blood tests are done, the operation lasts for 1-2 hours under general anesthesia, and the drains extending from both armpits are kept for 2-3 days. Under the breast or nipple is the most preferred entry site, and the armpit incision can cause inconvenience in terms of scarring.

What types of prostheses are used?

Prostheses are mostly composed of fluid inner and solid outer silicone layers. There are also those that contain physiological saline (water). It is safe to use and no health problems have been found. It is produced by different companies in different volumes and heights, in standard or anatomical (drop) shapes. They can be placed above or below the muscle. When placed under the muscle, a more natural appearance is obtained and it does not cause problems in breastfeeding and radiological imaging.

Do prostheses need to be replaced?

The prostheses used today are very durable and safe. They do not need to be changed.

Can an erection be done in the same surgery?

If it is thought that the prosthesis will be insufficient to provide adequate posture in sagging breasts, an erection is also performed.

What should be considered after the operation?

You may have pain for up to 1 week, you can use painkillers. Heavy sports and exercise should be avoided for 1 month.

What are the complications?

In addition to the undesirable situations that may arise for any surgery, the tightness of the tissue envelope (capsule) surrounding the prosthesis in the late period, although rare, may cause problems.

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