Breast Augmentation

The breast has been the symbol of women’s beauty, love, femininity, motherhood and fertility for centuries. It is the most important symbol of women’s external visual appearance, both in their own eyes and in the eyes of the opposite sex.

For these reasons, a beautiful and attractive woman’s breasts should adapt to other parts of the body in the right proportions in an aesthetic way.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Since the volume of the breasts in women is disproportionately smaller than the other parts of the body, it is the surgery to enlarge the breast volume with an aesthetic ratio.

With which methods is breast augmentation performed?

Breast augmentation is performed by using a breast prosthesis or by using the fat injection method using the fat tissue of the patient’s own body.

What are the types of breast prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis is divided into two as silicone or saline (serum) according to its content. Silicone prosthesis is generally preferred worldwide in breast augmentation surgeries because of its more natural touch feeling and consistency.

It is also divided into two in terms of the shape of the prosthesis; Round and drop (anatomical) prostheses are also divided into smooth and rough (textured) according to the outer shell of the prosthesis. The use of these prostheses should be preferred according to the patient’s breast shape and amount of tissue and prosthesis features.

From which areas can the breast prosthesis be placed on the breast?

Breast prosthesis can be placed on the breast from four areas; The two most suitable and most preferred methods are from the under-breast line, nipple, armpit and belly button; the under-breast line and the nipple.

Where is the breast prosthesis placed?

Breast prosthesis can be placed above the muscle (under the breast tissue), under the muscle, or with the most preferred method called dual plane, which is a mixture of both previous methods, depending on the breast characteristics.

Surgery and after:

The operation takes 1.5-2 hours under general anesthesia, the patient is preferred to stay in the hospital for one night, the patient is discharged the next day, the patient uses a special bra and breast band after the operation, this bra and breast band are used for 4-6 weeks.

Breast massage is taught to the patient one week after the operation and the patient can easily apply this massage. It can be back again during the day.

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