Breast Augmentation

It is completely your right to want a bigger breast. Just like wanting a bigger car or a bigger house, it’s not enough, it creates a problem somewhere. For example, you can’t wear a triangle bikini, it’s very boring to wear a bra with support all the time, it’s nice to feel more feminine and more feminine, and to wear a strapless dress comfortably at the wedding. Thank God there is a cure today, silicone prostheses are like a miracle, they have been used for more than 40 years, the patient who was put on the silicone prosthesis for the first time is still alive and happy, millions of patients have passed on, now we have 5th generation silicone prostheses and many different purposes. to use the most suitable for breasts in size, size and shape. There are ready-made fillings for breast augmentation other than prostheses, but I do not prefer them because the long-term effects on the breast are uncertain and their lifespan is short, breast augmentation with your own fat has some handicaps, stop by sometime 🙂 , breastfeeding and gravity are all doing their best to make the breasts droop, good thing we’re here If you say, we both straighten it and enlarge it by putting a silicone prosthesis inside, you are our guest in the hospital for 1 night, we remove your drains and discharge them the next morning. Breast Reduction Please Make My Breasts Smaller: Really, little decision and most damage, only those who suffer from big breasts know. I probably got the most blessings from my patients whose breasts I had reduced because large breasts can make life a prison for a person in many ways; your neck hurts, your back hurts, the strap of the bra makes your shoulders collapse, everyone, men and women, looks at your breasts, the lower body does not fit your upper body, you can’t wear what you want, you can’t jump, you can’t jump, your social activities are limited. We can eliminate all these problems with breast reduction surgery. You stay in the hospital for 1 night, you are discharged the next day with mild painkillers, get well soon. Breast Repair (Breast Reconstruction) Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women today and one out of every 10 women is breast cancer. With early diagnosis and treatment, the majority of these patients can now be treated and a full cure can be achieved. After getting over the shock of the first trauma and completing the treatment, patients experience the psychological and social problems of breast absence and may feel incomplete. For this reason, patients are evaluated as a team together with general surgery, and breast repairs are performed simultaneously (with breast removal) or as a separate session with silicone prostheses or their own tissues, thus completing the oncoplastic treatment.

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