Breast Augmentation

Breasts are one of the most important aesthetic elements in the female body. In our age, the outward appearance is increasing.
In parallel with the importance and technological advances, all aesthetic interventions have increased and silicone breast
Breast augmentation surgeries performed with prostheses are also among the most frequently preferred operations by women.
has become one.
The development of the female breast begins between the ages of 9-14 and the mammary glands forming the breast, connective tissue
and the development of adipose tissue is completed under the influence of genetic and hormonal factors.
After the development period, the size of the breasts will change to the dimensions that will make the patient happy.
may not have reached.
Or a woman who is developmentally happy with the size of her breasts gets older, gains weight –
the fullness of the breasts after giving or giving birth and breastfeeding
may be unhappy that he has lost his life, that he has gained an empty and softened appearance.
In these cases; In women who are over 19-20 years old and who do not have any condition that prevents surgery
Breast augmentation can be performed with silicone implants (breast prostheses).
Today, the most permanent and reliable method for breast augmentation is performed with prosthesis.
are breast augmentation surgeries. During the first pre-operative examination, the patient’s existing breast
tissue, whether there is sagging in the breast, chest wall structure and diameter are evaluated. The patient’s
In the light of the expectations and the features specified above; whether the patient is a suitable candidate for surgery
type and size of the prosthesis to be placed, the plan and making of this prosthesis
the location of the planned cut is decided. If there is sagging with breast smallness, the breast
While the breasts are enlarged with the prosthesis, breast lift and recovery are also performed at the same time.
Breast surgeries are performed with general anesthesia. The operations take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.
There are two types, filled with silicone gel or filled with physiological saline (salt water).
type of breast prosthesis is available. The outer surface of both types of breast prosthesis is made of silicone material.
consists of. The surface of the prostheses, whose geometric shapes can be round or drop-shaped, is flat.
or it may be lumpy. During the first examination, your doctor will ask for your wishes and the existing breast tissue.
and will decide on the most suitable type and size of prosthesis for you, taking into account your chest wall.
In breast augmentation surgeries, the incision made to place the prosthesis can be made in 3 different places:
1) From the under-breast fold
2) Around the nipple
3) Under the armpit
The location of the incision; the patient’s wishes and anatomy, the type and size of the prosthesis to be placed, and the surgeon’s
may differ depending on your preference.
In breast augmentation surgeries, the prosthesis is either just below the breast tissue (subglandular) or
It can be placed under the muscle under the breast tissue (subpectoral or dual plane).
When choosing the plan where the prosthesis will be placed, the patient’s current breast tissue and skin thickness, breast
It is important whether there is sagging and the patient’s personal preferences. Sagging especially in the breast
According to the degree of this sagging as a result of detailed examination and measurements to be made in case of
It is determined whether it can be corrected only with a prosthesis. If you have a sagging problem in the breast
While breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis, breast lift and recovery surgery is also performed at the same time.
is performed.
After the operation, a small dressing is applied and the patient is dressed in a bra. After this surgery
You can return home the same day or your doctor may ask you to stay in the hospital overnight. patients
they can usually return to work in a few days, but heavy items for 3 weeks
It is recommended not to lift the arms and not to raise the arms, especially in the first days.

Are Breast Prostheses Safe?
Whether breast prostheses cause breast cancer or an autoimmune disease for many years
Studies investigating whether the breast
No relationship was found between prostheses and these diseases.

Silicone allergy is a very rare condition, so breast prostheses are made of this material.
has been made. In fact, silicone is used in cosmetics, medicines, foods and
It is a substance found even in the water and milk we drink.
The brands of breast prostheses are very important. Consulting with your doctor before surgery
You will be informed about which brand of prosthesis will be placed during the
You should ask for the prosthesis cards with the serial numbers to be given to you.

What is the Minimum Age for Breast Augmentation Surgery?
For breast augmentation surgeries, at least the adolescence period is over and breast development
It must have been completed and it must have been observed that the breast is no longer growing for at least 2 years. Approximately
As a result, this surgery can be performed after the age of 19-20.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant or Give Milk After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
The presence of breast prostheses does not constitute an obstacle to pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, after surgery
pregnant within 6 months of surgery so that subsequent healing can be completed.
It is recommended not to stay.

When can I do sports after the surgery?
All kinds of sports activities should be stopped for 2 weeks. After this time it’s like walking
Light exercises can be started. Especially patients with submuscular prosthesis, upper body for 6-8 weeks.
They should avoid heavy exercises that involve body and arm movements.

What are the Undesirable Conditions that May Occur in the Post-operative Period?
The risk of bleeding and infection that may occur in every surgery is also for breast augmentation surgeries.
valid. If infection occurs, you will need to be treated with antibiotics for a while. Antibiotic
If there is no response to the treatment, the prosthesis may need to be removed. Breast prosthesis
The most important complication in surgery is capsular contracture. Normally, the breast prosthesis
It is surrounded by a shell called a capsule. In a very small percentage, this crust thickens to form the breast prosthesis.
may deform the shape of the prosthesis by compressing it. This condition is called capsular contracture and
It may be necessary to surgically remove this capsule and, in rare cases, replace the prosthesis.

Can Breast Prostheses Cause Cracks in the Breast Skin?
Although this complication is theoretically possible; plastic surgeons breast prosthesis
When choosing the size of the patient, he chooses a prosthesis suitable for his body structure and the elasticity of the breast skin.
rarely seen.

Is There Any Loss Of Sensation In The Nipple After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
The risk of permanent loss of sensation after breast augmentation surgeries is around 1%, this rate
It is slightly higher in the entrances made under the nipple. Mostly after surgery
Loss of sensation or hypersensitivity seen in the early period returns to normal within a few months.

Is Breast Enlargement Possible with Massage or Some Medications Used?
It is not possible to enlarge the breasts by massaging. Another frequently asked question by our patients.
The question is that the breast cannot be enlarged with drugs or creams. Uncontrolled for breast enlargement
The drugs sold will not enlarge your breasts and may endanger your breast and body health.
Therefore, it is not possible to absolutely confirm their use.
Our advice to women considering breast augmentation; breast made with silicone implants
enlargement operations.

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