Breast aesthetics for men!


This title may seem strange to our readers, but complaints about breasts and breasts in men are too many to be underestimated. Both patients with large breasts and patients who do not have adequate breast development are disturbed by this situation. Due to the negative perception of the feminine image in our society, large breasts in men are a cause of shame and self-confidence, unlike women. A man in this situation hesitates to take off his shirt, does not want to swim and does not participate in sports activities. A sedentary lifestyle aggravates the situation. Again, a muscular chest structure in men can be a source of pride. Inadequate chest muscle deficiency, which may be congenital or not doing enough sports, can cause problems in men. Many men sweat for this purpose in gyms. Again, they can use various drugs for this. These drugs can also cause breast enlargement.

We call gynecomastia when the breasts grow more than normal in men. The term gynecomastia is a

It is not a disease. However, in rare cases, it may develop as a result of certain diseases. Again, some drugs can cause enlargement of the breasts. Men whose breasts are larger than normal should be examined by a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Specialist for the conditions that may cause this (which is most likely without gynecomastia), and if the diagnosis does not show an underlying pathology, there is nothing to worry about. Gynecomastia surgeries can often be performed with local anesthesia and without scarring. The patient can go home on the same day. In cases where the breast size is large, it can be discharged one day later. In these surgeries, the pain can be very little and does not distract the patient from his work. Again, the dream of a muscular chest is often seen in men whose chest structure is not developed. At this stage, patients go into search and apply to Aesthetic Surgeons. Breast prostheses developed for men or fat injections that can be made in these areas will be a remedy for men with this type of ailment.

When men who have problems due to gynecomastia or who do not have adequate breast development apply to Aesthetic Surgeons, they will see that their worries and troubles are in vain and that their problems are easy to solve.

Kiss. Dr. Zübeyir ORTER

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Specialist.

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