Breast Aesthetics – Breast Reduction

Perhaps the greatest opportunity offered by Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery to women is breast reduction surgery. Women who have carried large and saggy breasts for a long time may experience back-neck pain, dimpling and pain in the shoulders due to bra straps, postural deformity and hunching over time, skin irritation under the breast due to increased itching especially in hot seasons, and hygienic problems ranging from fungal infection. Breast size often begins to appear in the teenage girlhood in the 16-19 age group. Adolescent girls, who are still in the stage of getting to know their bodies, also have to deal with problems related to the size of their breasts during this transitional stage. Considering all these problems, breast reduction surgeries offer people a much healthier life both physically and psychologically.

Breast reduction surgeries can be performed from the age of 17-18 when the breast completes its development. It is generally not recommended for people who are planning to give birth and therefore breastfeeding. However, if there are patients with very large breasts, which we call “juvenile breast hypertrophy” since adolescence, these surgeries can still be performed with special techniques that can protect the milk ducts more.

Your Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon determines the appropriate technique for you in your first examination and shares the results with you. Although the patients said with great boredom, “Please relieve me of this burden, doctor!” Even if they come, the size of the breast that the patient will have after the surgery and the bra size to be used are determined by taking into account the body structure.

On the day before the operation or on the day of the operation, drawings are made on your breast in accordance with the determined technique. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about three hours. In some cases, liposuction can also be applied to shape the underarm area. At the end of the operation, drains coming out of the armpit area are placed and the blood and fluid that may collect in these areas are removed from the body.

dogru sutyen Thanks to the techniques we have used, the nipple is brought to the point where it should be, and the sagging tissue of the breast is lifted up, giving the breast a fuller appearance as if silicone was placed. In this way, patients not only get rid of the burden of the breast, but also gain an aesthetic breast structure.

After the procedure, there is a suture scar around your nipple, descending from your nipple to the inframammary groove and extending in the submammary groove. This trace decreases over time and becomes indistinct. The size of the scar varies for each patient. In patients who have a small amount of breast tissue removed, no suture marks are left in the submammary groove, while in patients who have a large amount of breast tissue removed, a suture scar extending to the armpit may be left.

After the operation, the patients are followed in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. In the beginning, there is numbness, especially in the nipple, and this will partially return over time. It takes a few months for your breasts to take their final shape. During this period, it is appropriate to use a bra constantly. You can start your daily activities after a day or two, but you need to protect yourself from forceful movements on your arms and chest.

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