Breast Aesthetics – Breast Augmentation

Throughout the history ” breast ” has become the symbol of femininity and fertility. Both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, woman – man – child is an indispensable double anatomical organ for all humanity. breast ”. It is the dream of every woman to make this organ, which has such magnificent meanings, look aesthetically beautiful and to preserve this appearance for a long time. However, as a result of unilateral or bilateral growth retardation of the breast structure at the beginning of young maidenhood, the breast may remain small or may take on a smaller and/or drooping appearance after breastfeeding or after weight loss. In similar cases breast liftand/or breast enlargementWith surgeries, women can have fuller, straighter and firmer breasts.


Breast augmentation is a procedure performed with silicone breast prostheses. These prostheses can be of various structures and features. The most commonly used are prostheses containing silicone gel and having a rough surface. These, too, have two structures as round or anatomical (drop) prostheses. Which one is preferred mostly depends on the decision of the plastic surgeon and the patient together according to the structure of the breast.


arsivimage The incisions used for the placement of the silicone breast prosthesis can be made around the nipple, under the breast line or in the armpit area. Incisions made around the nipple can leave a scar around the nipple, as well as cause partial loss of sensation and breastfeeding problems in the same area. While the patient does not have any problems with nipple and breastfeeding in incisions made from the inframammary line, a suture scar of approximately 5-7 cm may occur, which remains hidden in the submammary groove and is not visible even with the thinnest bikini. In incisions made under the armpit, there is almost no scar after about 6 months, and bleeding that may occur during the operation may put the physician a little difficult.


After these incisions, let’s come to where we will place the prostheses. We have two choices for this. We will either place the silicones under the breast tissue (between the breast tissue and the chest muscle), or under the chest muscle (between the chest muscle and the ribs). Your plastic surgeon should make the decision according to the structure of the breast. However, the important point for the patient is that; Patients who have the prosthesis placed under the muscle may need a little longer time to start their daily activities than the patients who are placed under the breast tissue.

Silicone prosthesis alone may not always be sufficient for breasts that have lost their fullness, sagging or the nipple has moved downwards. In such cases, in addition to the placement of the silicone prosthesis, the excess skin tissue should be removed and the nipple should be moved to the place where it should be. This processing” mastopexy“( breast lift) is named.

Breast augmentation surgeries take approximately 1-2 hours and are performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, patients can go home the same day or the next day. Since the incisions are mostly sewn with dissolvable hidden stitches, it is not necessary to take stitches.

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