Breast Aesthetics

Breast Augmentation Aesthetics
Breast augmentation plastic surgery is performed with silicone gel breast prostheses. Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, can be done with the most healthy and permanent silicone gel breast prosthesis. Breasts are one of the most important functional and aesthetic organs symbolizing femininity. Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. However, as a result of unilateral or bilateral growth retardation in the breast structure or weight loss after birth, the breast may shrink, its aesthetic appearance may deteriorate or it may sag a little. In such cases, it is possible to create fuller, larger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts with breast augmentation surgery.
Breast Reduction Aesthetics
It is every woman’s dream to have fuller, larger, more aesthetically pleasing breasts. However, the fact that the breasts are too big and heavy than normal, besides spoiling the aesthetic appearance of the person, causes neck, back and shoulder pain, deterioration of the normal upright posture, rash and fungal infections on the lower surfaces of the breasts that come into contact with the abdominal skin, and bra straps leave deep scars on the shoulder. it could be. It is possible to get rid of such problems caused by large and sagging breasts with breast reduction surgeries.

Breast Augmentation Surgery and Prostheses Silicone breast prostheses are used in breast augmentation operations. These are jelly-like silicone ones and there are types that can be filled with salt water. The outer shells of both types of prostheses consist of the same silicone material. There are also round (round) and natural (teardrop-shaped) types of prostheses. In recent years, “Cohesive” gel types of gel prostheses have been produced and used. In these prostheses, even if the outer shell is torn, the gel silicone does not disperse and maintains its shape. In breast augmentation operations, breast prostheses can be placed from 3 different entry points. The prosthesis can be placed with a 4-5 cm incision made from the under-breast folds, an incision made from the nipple or an incision made from the armpit. The location of the incision to be made may vary depending on the surgeon’s preference, the patient’s wishes and the type of prosthesis to be used. Silicone breast prostheses can be placed under the breast tissue through the incision made or in a cavity prepared under the chest wall muscle (pectoralis major) under the breast.
Breast Reduction Surgery
In breast reduction surgery, excess skin, fat and breast tissue are removed. The breasts become more ideal size, lighter and more upright. During the same procedure, the diameter of the dark skin ring around the nipple is also reduced and the nipple is raised to its normal position. The aim is to give women smaller, more beautiful-looking breasts that are proportional to her body. Breast reduction surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia supplemented with sedation. The average operation time takes 3-4 hours in proportion to the intervention to be performed. In most cases, a one-day hospital stay is sufficient. Breast reduction surgery can be performed with several different techniques. Most of these techniques leave an inverted T-shaped scar. This scar can sometimes be quite evident in the early period. When the wound healing is complete, the scars will become indistinct. It may be helpful to talk to your doctor beforehand about the scars that may remain after the surgery. The vertical technique may be preferred in appropriate cases, as it leaves a minimum vertical trace down the nipple. In this way, it may be possible to get rid of a heavy load with a small scar and to have beautiful-looking and normal-sized breasts. However, it is necessary to apply methods that leave an inverted T-shaped scar in very large breasts.
Frequently asked Questions
Does breast prosthesis cause cancer? Studies in large series have shown that breast prosthesis does not cause cancer. In fact, the use of silicone gel breast prostheses, which was previously prohibited in the United States, has now been released.
Will the prosthesis (Silicone) explode? The breast prosthesis does not burst, but it can be punctured as a result of injury with a penetrating object. Even in this case, the silicon gel molecules are tightly bound (cohesive gel), so they do not disperse into the surrounding tissues. In addition, the capsule tissue formed around each prosthesis prevents this.
Can a mother with a breast prosthesis breastfeed her baby? In breast augmentation surgery, the breast prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue. Therefore, the prosthesis does not damage the breast tissue or milk ducts. However, what should be known is that a female patient who has never had an operation may not have milk.
Does breast prosthesis cause cancer? Studies in large series have shown that breast prosthesis does not cause cancer. In fact, the use of silicone gel breast prostheses, which was previously prohibited in the United States, has now been released.
Does the silicone prosthesis to be used in breast augmentation surgery have a certain lifespan, does it need to be replaced? Theoretically, the life of the prosthesis is longer than the human life. However, with aging, the appearance of the breasts may deteriorate due to loosening and sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Or, as a result of capsular contracture, it may be necessary to replace the prostheses with a new surgery or correct the prosthesis pockets.
Can the patient give milk to her baby after breast reduction surgery?
Some women who have had breast reduction surgery are able to breastfeed their children. However, this can often be difficult to predict. In addition, the physician can explain the effect of the selected surgical technique on milk production to the patient before the operation.

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