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What are the Different Personalized Methods for Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation surgery includes not only volumetric augmentation, but also changing the shape and position of the breast. The method and prosthesis to be used in breast augmentation should be chosen considering the patient’s chest wall structure and breast tissue characteristics, as well as the patient’s expectations about the breast shape after the surgery, and it should be aimed to create an ideal breast structure. In addition to silicone breast prostheses, which are frequently used for augmentation, we also benefit from the injection of fat taken from the person by liposuction into the breast. prosthesis in breast augmentation under the muscle membrane placement gives a natural breast appearance. The results are more satisfactory with the addition of fat injections in people who have significant tissue deficiency in the upper and inner parts of the breast. However, in patients who do not have enough adipose tissue or who do not prefer fat injection, by entering under the armpit, muscle and submuscular prosthesis can be placed on the plan. Thus, it is possible to cover the prosthesis with sufficient tissue and to gain a fuller appearance of the upper part of the breast. In patients who do not have sagging on their breasts and do not want a scar on their breasts or have scar problems armpit incision would be an ideal approach. In patients with significant breast sagging (breast ptosis) from the nipple By entering through the incision made, the nipple can be moved up, and a prosthesis can be placed in the same session, and we provide an upright breast structure by reshaping. In this access road, the prosthesis can be placed under the fascia and a natural breast shape can be achieved. This procedure, in which both the breast is lifted and the prosthesis is placed, Augmentation Mastopexysurgery is called . Another important issue to be considered for the patient is the experience of the surgeon who will apply the method. It is beneficial for people who want to have surgery to research well and get a second opinion.

Breast Reduction Surgery

It is a surgical procedure performed to reduce and lift sagging and large breasts to give them an aesthetic appearance. In breast reduction and lift surgery, the nipple is preserved on the protected tissue outside of the excess tissue and moved to its new place, and the breast is shaped with this remaining tissue. After the operation, a drain is placed and a bra is attached to prevent blood collection. Drains are usually 2-3. day is taken. A week’s rest is recommended.

Who is Breast Lift Applied to?

By evaluating your nipple and breast bottom line, you can understand whether there is sagging in your breasts. It is an ideal situation if the nipple is above the lower line of the breast. The sagging condition of the breast (nipple), which we call mammary ptosis, is generally divided into four groups. If the nipple is at the level of the inframammary line or 1 cm below, it is mild; If it is 1-3 cm below the inframammary line, it is considered as moderate, if it is located below 3 cm, it is considered as severe ptosis. If false ptosis; the nipple is located above the normal breast lower line, but the base of the breast is seen as sagging. While the breasts may be structurally drooping without a reason, they may also sag over time due to weight gain and loss, giving birth and breastfeeding, and age-related gravity. Breast lift surgery can be planned for people who have looseness and sagging in the breast tissue, but whose breast size is not large. mastopexy or known as breast lift surgery. Excess skin tissue is removed and the nipple is moved up to where it should be, and the breast tissue is shaped and hung up with internal stitches. In some people, if the breast tissue is too loose and it is thought that sufficient volume and shape cannot be achieved after shaping, a breast prosthesis can be placed in the surgery. Augmentation Mastopexy surgery can be performed. Thus, a breast structure with a more beautiful shape and consistency, which will last longer, can be obtained. After the surgery, there is usually a single line around the nipple and a single line extending from there to the bottom of the breast. If the excess skin on the breast is not excessive, the nipple is moved up and Enlargement Mastopexy can be performed so that only a scar is left around the nipple.

At What Age Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed?

Extremely large breasts can be a problem at any age. With the development of breasts during adolescence, problems arising due to excessively large breasts begin to be experienced. This situation complicates the life of the person both physically and psychologically. In some people, the problem is exacerbated by the sagging of large breasts after birth. As the age progresses, back pain and dermatoses under the breasts become more and more problems in people with extremely large breasts. In addition to reducing the breast tissue with the reduction, reshaping and positioning surgery to be performed on excessively large breasts, the breast is moved upwards and sagging is relieved in a way that relieves the patient. Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age, starting from the completion of adolescence, taking into account the breast size and the discomfort it causes. Thus, the patient can lead a healthy life both psychosocially and physically.

Is There Any Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, as in all other surgeries, scars remain. The shape and placement of the scars vary according to the method used in breast reduction. After the surgery, there may be inverted T, L or I-shaped scars around the nipple and extending down from the nipple. The scar around the nipple ring will not be very obvious since it is in the discoloration area, a trace will extend down from there. The scar under the breast is hidden when viewed from the front. While the wound is healing, some people may experience what we call significant scar formation or keloid (mark swelling, itching and redness) due to excessive tissue development. Patients with a tendency to this should be more careful and precautions should be taken after surgery. The shape of the breast is the most important element in its aesthetic appearance. The desired result in breast aesthetics is that the breast appears round, curved and the nipples are raised, and when viewed from the side, the part under the nipple is more than the part above it. A beautiful breast shape to emerge can make scars less noticeable.

  Is It Possible to Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?

There is no clear scientific study that breast reduction surgeries affect breastfeeding negatively. The nipple is moved to its new place on a tissue (with pedicle methods) so that the blood flow is not disrupted while the breast is reduced and the breast is shaped. Thus, loss of sensation and circulation is minimized and breastfeeding is not adversely affected. Reduction surgeries for extremely large breasts, in which the nipple is taken and transferred to the new reduced breast (free nipple method) are excluded. However, if the person already has a potential problem with breastfeeding, he or she will have a breastfeeding problem after the surgery.


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