Breast aesthetics

Breasts are structures that complete the physique of the woman’s body appearance. Breast volume has an important place in the measurements of shoulder width, chest circumference, waist and hip circumference. It has an important place in the formation of a woman’s self-confidence.

Small or excessively large breasts; sagging due to time, weight gain or birth; Excessively large nipples and halos can be very uncomfortable for women. All of these conditions are treatable conditions.

Likewise, in men, excessive breast size appears as a discomfort that leads to isolation of the person from social environments.

In recent years, adipose tissue and ready-made filling materials have been used for breast enlargement and shaping, and successful results have been obtained.

It may be necessary to reconstruct the breast after the degeneration or removal of the breast tissue due to congenital or acquired causes such as cancer.

You can find more detailed information on shaping, reconstructing the breast, reducing it in men and women, from the links in the side menu.

Breast aesthetic surgeries are surgeries that generally give good results and increase the self-confidence of the person.

Augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis)

Non-surgical breast augmentation

Aesthetic Breast reduction

Breast Lift

Breast reduction in men (gynecomastia)

Reconstruction of the breast (breast reconstruction)

Nipple and halo aesthetics

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