Breast Aesthetics

Breast Lift Aesthetics
With breast lift surgery, known as breast lift surgery, sagging, loosened breasts can be given a fresher, more upright appearance, and the lost breast aesthetics can be corrected again.
Why do breasts sag?
All women want their breasts to be alive and upright. However, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding is the biggest enemy of breasts. Sagging, softness and deformation of the breasts are among the most sensitive issues for women. Breasts, which do not contain muscle in their structure and consist entirely of sebaceous and milk glands, may lose their old, lively and upright appearance due to gravity, aging, frequent weight gain, childbirth, breastfeeding, use of wrong bras, and may cause sagging by hollowing out or excessively loose skin. Loose, saggy, deflated breasts adversely affect breast aesthetics, cast a shadow over the beauty of the woman, and this may turn into a complex and become a personality issue. There are also bras that show the breasts more upright and fuller. By using such bras or suitable clothes, the problem inside may not be reflected outside. However, it does not solve the current problem, it only serves to mask. However, it is not possible to mask the breasts when it is necessary to wear an open evening dress or bikini, or in the bedroom.

Effects of pregnancy and rapid weight gain
Pregnancy is an inevitable event in the nature of women’s life and in terms of the continuity of the human generation. In the first months of pregnancy, the breasts grow with hormonal changes, preparation for milk production begins. After birth, the breasts are constantly filled and emptied with milk production throughout the breastfeeding period. When breastfeeding is over, it is like a deflated balloon that empties. The skin surrounding the breast cannot adapt to shrinkage, when the skin is abundant, the breast succumbs to the effect of gravity and begins to sag. From time to time, excessive weight gain and loss, regardless of pregnancy, also causes sagging breasts. This situation, which is in the fate of most women, ultimately causes women to be uneasy in terms of aesthetics and pushes them to seek solutions. With aesthetic breast lift or breast lift surgery, it is possible to give a younger and lively appearance to breasts that have lost their firmness and vitality.
How to get results with breast lift surgery?
Breast lift surgery is a breast reshaping operation, the size of the breast does not change. The sagging, loose tissues are suspended upwards, the nipple is moved to the position it should be in an upright breast, and a more taut surface is created by removing the excess skin. If the breast appears small at the same time with sagging and loosening of the breast, a breast augmentation procedure can also be applied by placing silicone during breast lift. If only the breast lift surgery is applied, if the silicone is not placed, the breast will be erected, but the same size will not change, it will remain the same size.
What are breast lift techniques?
There are different techniques applied for breast lift surgery. Which technique should be applied is decided by looking at the size of the breasts and the degree of sagging. Not every technique is suitable for everyone. For people with sufficient breast size and slight sagging, it is sufficient to make a rounding around the nipple. In more sagging breasts, it is insufficient to recover the sagging, in this case, the tissues in the lower part of the chest must be moved up. Depending on the technique to be applied, the way the excess skin is removed also changes. For example, when the recovery process is applied around the nipple, the excess skin is removed from around the nipple, in this case, a surgical scar remains in the form of a circle around the nipple. During breast lift, when the tissues in the lower part are moved up and excess skin is removed from there, there is another surgical scar extending vertically to the lower edge in addition to the scar around the nipple. No matter what technique the breast lift surgery is performed, since the excess skin must be removed, there will definitely be traces of the surgery where the skin is removed. Surgical scars, which become more obscure within months, will not overshadow the new shape of your breast. Since the mammary glands are not touched during breast lift surgery, it does not prevent breastfeeding and breastfeeding.
Breast lift surgery information
Since breast lift surgery is an operation that requires general anesthesia, it is performed in hospital conditions with appropriate equipment. The duration of the operation may vary between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on the technique applied. You can stand up a few hours after the surgery is over. According to the surgical technique applied, a plastic tube called a drain can be inserted into the breasts to draw out the accumulated blood and fluids inside the breasts. If it is stuck, it is usually removed after 1 day, you can return to your home after it is removed. Breast lift is not considered a painful operation. The mild pain you will feel is easily relieved with painkillers. Since you will not have a lot of pain complaints, you will spend the recovery period standing, you can take a bath after 2 days, return to work in 3-4 days if you are working, and travel by plane. There may be swelling in the breasts and bruising in places due to the effect of the surgery, if they do, these are normal, they will resolve spontaneously within 7-10 days. Due to the scarring nature of the operation, it is very important to make the sutures very aesthetically and carefully, in terms of the clarity of the scar. Since self-melting hidden stitches are applied in breast lift surgeries performed in our clinic, no stitches are visible when viewed from the outside. In this way, you can start taking a bath after a few days, as there is no need for special wound care, and you will not have to worry about removing stitches because hidden stitches are applied. After 6 months, the shape of the breasts will gradually begin to settle, the real shape will emerge. During this period, the visibility of the surgical scars decreases, and after 1 year, it becomes very faint. These aesthetic breast surgeries, which can make a big difference compared to your old situation, not only improve the appearance of the breasts, but also affect your psychological state, making you feel better and increasing your self-confidence.

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