Brain Develops With Challenge

Neurologist Dr. Didem Er said, “The brain develops itself with strain and challenging activities. In other words, if we want to make the brain healthier, it is necessary to take it out of the comfort zone, which will force it a little. Activities such as learning a new language or playing an instrument are examples of this. Fasting is also one of the challenging activities for the brain,” he said.

Medicana Samsun Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Didem Er gave information about the benefits of fasting for brain health. Scientific studies show that fasting for various periods increases the secretion of messenger molecules known as “nerve growth factor” and “brain-derived nerve growth factor” in the brain. These substances not only force our brain to produce new nerve cells, but also increase our brain’s energy use to a much more efficient level. Thus, compared to people who are constantly full, those who experience hunger from time to time, or those who have the habit of not eating until they are very hungry, are much more resistant to contracting neuro-destructive diseases.


Neurologist Dr. Didem Er said, “Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride levels, body weight and fat percentage decrease two or three weeks after the fasting starts, saying, “These protect us from cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke (stroke) and heart attack; It also improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to our brain. Inflammation plays a role in many brain diseases. Fasting reduces inflammation. Fasting also strengthens immunity. It enables the production of new war cells, which we call leukocytes. Fasting can improve mental strength, according to a UK study. New scientific data have been obtained that a stomach hormone that increases appetite in fasting people plays an important role in the growth of new brain cells and in the protection of these cells against aging. These data may explain why fasting people feel mentally refreshed while fasting. Fasting is also very important for mental health. “Studies show that fasting improves emotional well-being and improves depression.”

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