Brain development in babies

Since the brain development of babies begins to develop in the womb, the mother’s nutrition and sleep pattern are important.

The brain and nervous system begin in the 3rd month of pregnancy and continue for 1 year after birth. Mental development takes shape up to the age of 5. Your intelligence is formed by this age of 580. Factors that play a role in intelligence development

 Nutrition
 Inheritance
 Environment

During pregnancy, the mother’s relationship with her baby is the factor that plays a role.

The emotional state of the pregnant affects the intelligence development of the baby. Babies of stressed, anxious and unhappy mothers will be extremely sensitive in the future. Babies of mothers who are prone to depression will have an increased incidence of depression in their lifetime.

Healthy and good nutrition before and during pregnancy is directly proportional to the development of intelligence.

For this, pregnant women should:

FISH should be consumed once a week
Every day, plenty of protein such as milk, yogurt, eggs and chicken should be taken,
babies for a year SHOULD BE BREASTFEED,
good genetics
good environment
Mother and father affection
Exercise should be done.

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