Botox for Men

Brotox is a botox treatment application for men. And lately it is getting more and more popular all over the world.

Botox treatment applied to men and women has different characteristics. Botox treatment should be planned more specifically according to the muscle structure and strength of men.

Wrinkles on the face can not only make you look old, but also give people tired, tired, sad and worried expressions. Many men can resort to plastic surgery to control the signs of aging on their faces.

Feature of Brotox injection

The most important feature of Brotox injection is that it is planned and applied in a way that preserves the masculine expression on the face. Brotox application should be specially planned according to the characteristic facial structure and facial expressions of each man.

Botox application is not very common in men and women, around the eyes and crow’s feet. Because men do not have as many wrinkles as women do in these areas. Although it differs from person to person, brotox is commonly applied to the forehead, under-eye bags and laughing muscles.

In addition, in brotox treatment, a tense and smooth application is not made as in women. Injections are applied at minimal levels in accordance with the age and the structure of the face. It is very important not to freeze in mimics, create a confused and completely tense expression on the face. Sharp lines and expressions in the facial structure of men should be preserved. Otherwise, it can cause a feminine appearance. For this reason, brotox, that is, botox for men, should be made by experts in the field.

Brotox is also a non-permanent operation that should be performed twice a year, once every six months. The injections used in Brotox are also a purified protein produced from the bacteria clostridum botulinum. It is an aesthetic operation with proven reliability performed with low doses and minimal applications.

Who prefers to brotox?

The aim of men in Brotox treatment is not to look younger. But really. It is to look better, more attractive, more rested and fitter.

For this reason, they resort to brotox application, which is a minimally invasive method. When performed by specialist surgeons, you can have a natural, healthy, fit and energetic appearance without any sign of botox.

The prolongation of business life, the necessity of looking presentable and energetic are among the reasons that lead men to brotox application. It can be recommended for those who want to have a more energetic, dynamic and positive appearance.

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