Botox & filler applications

BOTILINIUM toxin, which is used to eliminate unwanted lines on the face, causes neuromuscular blockade in the muscle to which it is applied. It acts by weakening the strength of the muscles that cause the formation of unwanted lines. It has nothing to do with snake venom, as misinformed.


It is used to remove wrinkles caused by facial mimic movements. By restricting movement in the selected muscles, the formation of wrinkles on the skin of the region is prevented. It is most commonly used to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), between the eyebrows, and on the forehead. It is a simple but very effective method with a needle. Its effect ends in 3-4 months. It is used for eyebrow lifting if desired. Although it is a temporary method, very successful results are obtained in conscious hands that choose the appropriate regions.

Since Botox application is a medical application, it should be done by experts, its side effects should be well known and therefore only the selected muscle should be targeted. It is not right to apply botox to every wrinkle on the face, some wrinkles and lines may need to be treated with other methods.

Botox is also effective in hand and armpit sweating, with botox applications applied to these areas, sweating is reduced for 3-4 months.

Botox is also used in the treatment of migraine pain, Botox injections have been administered for the treatment of migraine disease, which causes unbearable headaches to many patients, and patients do not experience pain for 3-4 months, it is accepted that the elimination of muscle spasms that cause migraine is effective. This also ensures the elimination of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes in patients.


It is used to fill the permanent and deepened lines or cavities on the face, to remove the lines on the neck and at the same time to thicken the lips. There are various fillers, the most commonly used filler is the synthetically obtained form of Hyaluronic Acid or its derivatives, which is a naturally occurring building block in the body. They usually have a duration of 8-12 months. It is in the form of a gel applied by injection into the skin. The process takes 5-10 minutes. It is most commonly applied to the edges of the lips, cheeks, forehead, between the eyebrows and neck.

These fillings have forms prepared for lip thickening. They are widely used in lip thickening or shaping. In order to obtain a natural and desired lip appearance, it is possible to control by taking a break during the application. The desired result is obtained immediately after the application. It does not affect lip movements and lip sensation. Lip augmentation can also be applied to the surgical methods of fat injection or tissue filling methods. A significant part of the adipose tissue transferred by fat injection disappears within a few months. Tissue transfer gives permanent results.

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