Botox – Botox

All wrinkles on our face are caused by muscle movements under our skin. Botox is a drug that reduces muscle movements and thus helps to reduce wrinkles. It is applied by injection and is effective on the muscle fibers in the area where it is injected. Its effects occur depending on the dose, and in light doses, you can both use your muscles and reduce your wrinkles. It is one of the most important treatment options, especially around the forehead and eyes. The duration of Botox effect is around 4 months in 60% of people. 20% lasts less than 4 months, 20% lasts more than 4 months. It should not be repeated before six months. Due to its effect on the muscles, it is used by many different branches and for many different reasons. Apart from wrinkle treatment in aesthetic surgery, it is also used in the treatment of temporary sweating reduction, especially thanks to its effect on sweat glands.

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