It has been clinically shown that the duration of action increases as Botox injections are made at regular intervals.

Botulinum A toxin injections ( botox) It is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the USA. Its first use on humans was in the field of strabismus and blepharospasm by Dr. Alan Scott in 1980. wrinkle treatment The first studies on its use were published by Carruthers et al in 1992. First applied area between the eyebrowshas been.

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The toxin is composed of 1295 amino acids, 97 kDa (heavy chain) and 52 kDa (light chain) two chains linked by disulfide bonds.

The heavy chain binds to the membrane of the nerve cells, allowing the light chain to pass into the cell fluid, and the light chain binds the protein called SNAP-25, preventing the transport of acetylcholine vesicles into the cell. As a result, neurotransmitter release into the synaptic gap does not occur and a presynapticneural block occurs.

Botox; directdoes not affect the skin injected as to the wrinkleIt prevents the contraction of the muscle that causes it and starts to show its effect.

Clinically botox injection It starts to take effect on the 2nd day after the 2nd-4th day. It shows its effect by reaching the maximum effect in weeks. botoxThe beneficial effects of flour last for 3-6 months on average and this period varies from person to person. botoxIt takes much longer for all the effects of the flour to disappear completely, but these effects are not visible effects but have been demonstrated in clinical trials.

Botox injectionsIt has been clinically shown that the duration of action increases with regular intervals.

botox musclesIt does not completely paralyze, but causes a loss of strength and this loss of strength is sufficient for the desired cosmetic result.

enough for cosmetic results.

botoxIn summary, the situations where flour can be used;

one- facial wrinkle treatment(face and upper lip)

2- hand and armpit sweating treatment(effectiveness ranges from 12-14 months when done properly)

3- migraine treatment(when done properly, the duration of effect varies between 10-14 months)

4-neck area wrinkle and tape treatment

5-anal fissure (there are studies on it having results close to surgical treatment)


an experienced botox The difference between the injector and the technician (non-work related people, nurse, esthetician, etc.) ends in the concept of the functional anatomy of the face. The facial structure and anatomy of each patient is different, and the dose applied to each patient varies according to this anatomy and many other dynamics.

Therefore botoxMake sure that the practitioner is a plastic surgeon or dermatologist while having it done.

botox The effects of this medicine are completely temporary because the nerve cell block in the mechanism of action returns to normal over time. The effects of Botox vary from person to person and last for an average of 3-6 months.

botox When it is done at regular intervals and in the doses it deserves, it shows a summation effect and provides a much better image and improvement every time. Very low fees (most of the time) due to commercial concerns. botoxfigures lower than the cost of flour bottles) botoxIt is not right to expect benefit from the medicine and it is a waste of money and time for patients.

when considered botoxBetween having it done properly twice a year and feeling the need to have it done 4-5 times a year without knowing how much dose is made for very low fees, it is not only time and financial loss, but also botoxFame facial wrinkles treatmentIt is very worrying for us, plastic surgeons, that its destructive feature is also destroyed.


In the forehead area, there are two muscles called frontalis that help raise the eyebrows. And these muscles botoxget the injections area of ​​wrinklesIt can be done in order to reduce the eyebrows and raise the eyebrows. Brow Lift with Botox The operation can be done safely up to 6 mm. Simply put, an injection is made into the muscles that lower the eyebrows to raise the eyebrows. Too much in the middle of the forehead area botoxApplying it causes a MrSpock-looking eyebrow structure and also causes an increase in wrinkles on the eyebrows.

Brow Lift with Botox In order to maximize the process, the forehead muscle parts that are not responsible for eyebrow lifting (ie the outer areas of the eyebrows) are injected, and the eyebrows are lifted by pulling the parts that lift the eyebrows up more. However, at the same time forehead wrinklesIf we also want the eyebrows to be corrected, then the eyebrows do not rise as desired because forehead wrinkles Injections are made into the areas above the eyebrows to eliminate the In order to lift the outer parts of the eyebrows, a careful examination is required, and for this, your doctor asks you to smile repeatedly, and in the meantime decides whether the ends of the eyebrows can be lifted. There are no fixed points for raising the eyebrows, and these points differ according to the anatomy of each patient. For this reason, an effective examination is essential before the application.

facial wrinkles treatmentSince the forehead region is the most conspicuous region, it is an effective botoxit will make you look younger.


botox It can be applied to almost any part of the face area. The places I apply most often are upper lip, forehead, crow’s feet and the middle of the eyebrows. The areas that I persistently avoid and do not do, even though my patients insist, are the wrinkles in the lower eyelid area and the wrinkles on or near the upper eyelid.

Botox on the forehead There are many techniques when applying, and each doctor may apply it differently. What I tell my patients about the forehead area and what I like to have is the expression ‘you will be able to raise your eyebrows but no wrinkles’. This is one of the biggest signs of a natural botox and many people botoxHe can’t understand what you’re doing.

crow’s feet botox It is necessary to be very careful in its application and drooping of the upper eyelid may occur in 1-2% of patients. The reason for this is that the muscle that raises the upper eyelid and the muscle that creates the crow’s feet are very closely located and anatomically, these muscles are thinner in some people. This effect can occur as Botox spreads from the point where it is made to the neighboring points. The drooping of the upper eyelid is completely temporary. It returns to normal within weeks and there are some eye drops that are used to reduce discomfort. .

botox The other area where the flour is applied is the area between the eyebrows and the biggest problem of many of us is in this area. One of the reasons why the wrinkles between the eyebrows are stubborn to brow wrinklesThe reason is that there is more than one muscle. Wrinkles between eyebrows They are corrected with botox application. However, if there are wrinkles and depth in normal posture, additional methods should be used for this (filling, fat injection, etc.). If the patient does not want additional methods, passive wrinkles between the eyebrows should be applied regularly every 3-4 months. botox They gradually decrease with the application and the number of repetitions varies from person to person, but it is 6-8. again, they are in a much better position than in the first state.

Wrinkles between eyebrows I think it is the place where the most care and attention should be paid, since it is the result of contraction of many muscles. An experienced specialist analyzes which muscles contract and causes wrinkles when the patient frowns, and applies the application to those areas, and naturally much better results are obtained.

Another botoxour application area upper lip wrinklesis. Upper lip wrinklestrying to completely destroy it and just do it botox Doing LA is a big mistake in my opinion and means a torture for the patient that will last for about 2 months. Because overdose around the lips botox When it is done, the contraction of the lip decreases and a very uncomfortable situation arises due to the insufficiency of the contraction in the upper lip, especially when drinking liquids. The other annoying situation is the asymmetry in the lip, and when this occurs, unfortunately, the asymmetry continues until the effect of botox disappears. Therefore upper lip wrinklesjust trying to treat botoxI do not apply but also using the fill method and botoxI get 50-80% improvement by using it at low doses.

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