Botox and fillers applications

BOTOX and Fillers Applications

These are among the most frequently applied methods by plastic surgeons recently. It climbed to #1 in the USA. They are very suitable interventions, especially for patients who are afraid of surgery. It causes an increase in the patient capacity of aesthetic surgeons.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox ®, American; Dysport ®, British made) is a muscle poison produced from bacteria. Like any medicine, it is a great medicine if used in its dosage. As we all know, even aspirin can cause poisoning when taken in excessive doses. With Botox ®, excellent results are achieved in safe hands without any side effects. The duration of effect varies between 4-6 months. The duration of action increased to 8-14 months in patients who were administered continuously. Especially good results are obtained in forehead, frowning eyebrows and eye wrinkles. However, in its application, exaggerations (such as excessive eyebrow raising, astonishment) should be avoided, taking into account personal circumstances. The aim is to give the patient a natural, radiant, youthful face, not an expressionless face. Local anesthetic creams are used and very thin needles are used to prevent the application from causing pain. Even in patients who are very sensitive and afraid of needles, it can be applied without any problems and good results can be obtained. The application takes only 3-5 minutes, the results occur in approximately 4 days. Reapplication is usually recommended after 4-6 months.

“Hyaluronic acid” applications can be applied to the wrinkles around the nose and chin, which decreases on our skin. After numbing the area with the wrinkles with an anesthetic cream, the filler is injected into the dermis with special injectors. It is beneficial to do this by giving the patient a mirror and talking. A second injection with a small dose can be administered by calling the patient again after 1 month for retouching. Thus, it can last up to 8-14 months depending on the region and the patient. Filling material is applied to lip thin lines (cigarette lines) and lip red-white line (vermillion) after anesthesia with a special needle. Thus, the procedure is almost painless. Avoid excessive swelling and fullness, avoid exaggeration as always, and try to obtain a natural and beautiful lip.

After these interventions, the patient can easily return to his daily life.

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