Botox, a protein secreted by the bacteria Clostridum botulinum, blocks electrical transmissions to the muscles.
It temporarily reduces or destroys muscle function. In this way, contractions are prevented and the skin
wrinkles are reduced.

Botox lines on the forehead, wrinkles caused by frowning eyebrows, on the corners and under the eyes.
It removes lines, vertical lines on the lips and neck wrinkles. Also eyebrows and lips
It is used to lift the edges of the nose and lift the tip of the nose.

Another application area is the removal of sweating from the hands, feet, face and armpits.

How is the Application Made?
Botox applications are made with special needles by injecting them into the muscle in the problem area. skin cleansing
then a cream that numbs the skin is used, and it is waited for a short time. To determine application points
The person is asked to make various gestures. The required doses are injected into the desired muscles.

When is the Botox effect seen?
The full effect of botox, which starts to show its effect 2 days after it is made, occurs within 1 week.

How long does the Botox effect last?
Although it varies from person to person, the effect lasts for 4-6 months.

What should be considered after botox?
You can continue your daily life immediately after Botox application. However, the applied
do not massage the areas for 2 days, do not press and rub while removing your make-up.
is necessary. In addition, it will be useful to take a break from your exercise programs for 2 days.

Does Botox have side effects?
Temporary headache may occur after the application. Very rarely, some bodies are involved in the preparation of the drug.
It can resist the type A toxin used. This causes botox to not have any effect. Like this
In some cases, reapplication is made with less used type B toxin.

Does Botox swell the face?
Botox only eliminates unwanted lines by preventing muscle movements. It does not inflate, because a
It is not a filler.

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