Dental Bonding: It is a subgroup of aesthetic dentistry. They are aesthetic restorations made with porcelain or composite material on the tooth surfaces of anterior group teeth. A natural aesthetic appearance can be achieved so that the difference between the original tooth tissue and the missing part is indistinguishable. It does not require anesthesia, the result is achieved in a single session with a few hours of work. There is a slight risk of breakage, in case of breakage it is very easy to repair.

In which situations is Dental Bonding used?

In minor shape and color defects.

Correction of slight crookedness.

In closing the interdental spaces (Diastema).

In the treatment of worn teeth.

In the repair of broken and short teeth.

Dental bonding is also an alternative to porcelain lamina treatment, depending on the condition of the teeth, the number, aesthetic expectation, the use of coloring agents, and the economic situation.

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