Boiled Frog Syndrome and Its Characteristics

The boiled frog syndrome is when you feel trapped in a situation you think we are in. emotional fatigue means. There have always been times when you continued to endure the situation until you burned out from this exhaustion.

boiled frog syndrome It can keep you in a vicious circle that is constantly getting worse until you are mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Regarding this syndrome, the French writer and philosopher Oliver Clerc wrote a descriptive story about this syndrome using simple language.

According to the story, If you put a frog in boiling water, it will immediately react and throw itself out. However, if you put the same frog in cold or warm water and don’t scare it, it will just sit still. While heating the water slowly from the bottom, the frog does nothing in the face of the rising temperature and starts to enjoy. In the rising temperature, the frog will become incapable of going out with the pleasure of drunkenness. Although there is no obstacle to escape, it cannot escape and is boiled and cooked. Because the frog’s nervous system is programmed for sudden changes, not slow and gradual changes.

As a result, most of the frogs are boiled and give their lives because they cannot perceive the “change” they are in, or rather because they become complacent and relaxed.

Based on this story, we humans too emotional deterioration goes unnoticed because it is slow! Because a person may not realize the situation unless the situation he is in shows sudden developments. And over time, he starts to adapt to it, as a result of which he may not know how to react when and where. In this sense, boiled frog syndrome can happen a lot.

Work, family, romantic relationships, social and social life can be the areas where we experience this situation.

And this story is also a very good example to show us how people and societies have remained unresponsive to the changes that have been implicitly implemented.

As humans, we are not in the habit of taking action without sudden changes in our lives or before a serious and sudden change occurs. If the water is slowly warming up, we cannot move from our place, on the contrary, we relax by being complacent. And in the deception of trust that this comfortable environment provides us, we become lazy and cannot think about the future.

Then, when addiction, pride, selfishness, or demanding behaviors gradually begin to emerge, it may not be understood how difficult the situation is. Even in this situation, it can make you feel good that your partner, mother or father, your boss and your best friend need you, trust and assign you enough to assign certain tasks, and constantly need your attention.

But over time, that demand reduces your profit reaction and reaction time. It can drain all your energy and your ability to see that this is not normally a healthy relationship.

So, what can we do in such a situation? Let’s talk about this a little bit..

First of all, you must keep your eyes open to life and people and make a conscious effort to understand what you want. Because this is the basic first rule of controlling the things that distort your perceptions.

In the face of this situation, when the people around you start to pursue their own rights and see that you value yourself, of course, they will be uncomfortable with this situation. You ask why? Because they are used to you being the one who comforts them, and it is not a welcome situation for them to show interest in yourself.

Finally, remember this! Sometimes stop something! to guarantee your own well-being, self-love, value Remember that this is the only thing you can do to protect it!

Yes, I am aware that what I have said and this path towards growth may be difficult and somewhat disturbing. You may be right about this, but you will not believe that the result of this change will be priceless for you.

Always believe in your own strength and don’t be afraid to change!

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