Body Shaping

Again, as in other surgical operations, after body shaping surgeries, there are cares to be applied and issues to be considered. Body shaping surgeries can be done by liposuction, that is, by vacuuming fat, or by fatlift, that is, fat injection. In fact, these two are usually combined. In these surgeries, Since the regions, the amount taken and the amount of fat removed from person to person change, the steps and process to be explained in the next period vary. First of all, the patient wears special medical corsets according to the areas where fat is removed and given at the end of the surgery, and the corset models vary according to the surgery. 4 hours after the patient comes to the postoperative room, He opens his regimen with a diet rich but low in carbohydrates. The patient is given a list of foods that he should not eat for an average of 1 month, and he is asked to eat protein, vegetables and liquids and drink plenty of water. In these surgeries, liposuction solutions with adrenaline are given to prevent bleeding from the body, and the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance will change as fat is taken from the patient in return. Therefore, the patient is asked to drink at least 3 liters of water a day and to be fed with fluid. The serum may flow and even contaminate the corset. This is quite normal and normal. However, the nurse will follow up on whether there is a problem or not. Since vaser is applied before removing the oils, the patient may experience pain as if he had done excessive sports or hit his body somewhere, and bruises may be seen in the body. These bruises and swellings will look undisturbed between ten days and two weeks. They will completely disappear in about a month and within six months to a year, if the patient sticks to the given diet and exercises, the desired image is achieved. The patient’s corset is opened and checked on the next day of the surgery. 1 cm the holes are sewn with stitches that will not be removed, or when it is desired to flow in some areas, it is not sewn and the dressing is renewed under the supervision of a physician. The patient is discharged with a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers. The patient is discharged. He is asked to rest for a day or two. This waist pad placed in the corset can cause back and low back pain when lying down for a long time. Depending on the situation, there may be drains placed at the discretion of the physician. During the control on the 3rd day in the clinic, these drains either come out or remain under the control of the physician. It is checked to see if it accumulates and if there is a needle, the liquid is withdrawn from the area that the physician deems necessary. If the drains continue to remain, the patient still cannot take a shower, but if there is no drain, he can take a bath on the 3rd day after the operation. The patient can take a bath 24 hours after the drain is removed. The bands on the dressing will get wet. enough to dry it with a machine After the bath, the patient should massage himself from the center to the sides with oils such as ozonized olive oil and baby oil, and stimulate his lymphatics. The most important thing is the regime. It helps to relieve edema due to the bromelain enzyme in the pineapple peel. It is recommended to make and drink the tea. After 2 weeks, a professional massage is requested and the patient should avoid tight elastic or excessively pressing clothes for the first two weeks. The patient is asked not to neglect walking and exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. .

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