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Dr. Stating that allergy, which is the name given to symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose, shortness of breath, itching and swelling in the body, is a defense mechanism of the body, contrary to popular belief, Bagis said, “When a foreign body enters our body, our body activates some mechanisms to prevent the entry of that foreign body. Most people are unaware of this situation and are circumvented without realizing it. But sometimes these mechanisms come into play much more than normal and in a flaming way, it does more harm than good. For example, in a dusty environment, the nasal flesh swells to prevent dust from entering the body. Against foreign substances entering the respiratory tract “By narrowing the lung airways, it prevents these substances from reaching the lower regions. In allergic patients, the nasal meats in the nose swell, causing nasal congestion and a disease called asthma in the lungs,” he said.

Explaining that allergy occurs as a result of the interaction of genetic and environmental factors, Op. Dr. Haktan Ergin Bagis said, “The predisposition to allergies is generally genetic. “Chemical substances can also cause allergy symptoms in people to a considerable extent. Meanwhile, allergy symptoms are predominantly seen in children. Milk and chocolate are the two most common food factors for children. We recommend that patients with allergy symptoms definitely undergo an examination in the ENT and dermatology departments,” he said.

Explaining that the basic solution for allergic patients is to eliminate the factor that causes allergies, Op. Dr. Haktan Ergin Bagis said:

“The simplest test for this is the allergy skin test. In this test, we try to reveal the allergen by contacting the most common substances with the skin. However, a negative skin test does not mean that the person will not be allergic. We pass to the second stage with drug treatment. Medical treatment needs to continue for at least 2 months. In cases where there is no response from this treatment, we resort to surgical treatment, which is the last step. Nasal congestion is caused by nasal concha and bone curvatures. We correct bone curvatures in our patients, so that air can pass more easily In addition, we prevent the swelling of the nasal concha by reducing them with radiofrequency or reduction method. Thanks to these latest developments in medicine, allergies have started to be no longer a problem in our country. However, it is still necessary for patients to change their life standards absolutely first, to avoid dusty, closed, humid conditions. i and cigarette

We recommend that they stay away from the environment.”

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