Sometimes as a result of aging and sometimes due to genetic reasons, sagging and loosening of the upper eyelid skin may occur. Asymmetry is added to this deformation over time. This results in a tired, old and unhappy expression. In addition, it causes visual impairment by narrowing the field of vision of the patient in advanced ages.

Before the surgery, the skin to be removed from the eyelids is marked. Then, a local anesthetic is applied and the drug is expected to take effect for a short time. Then, the excess that has accumulated on the lids is taken from the fold of the eyelid in the form of an ellipse and stitched with aesthetic stitches.

The operation is completed with two small interventions, each lasting 10 minutes.

Our eyelids have the thinnest skin of our body. The scar is not noticed when the eyes are open, both because the scars on thin skin disappear very quickly and because the scar is made in such a way that it fits right into the fold of the eyelid. The scars, which are slightly red in the first 2 months, become so faint that they cannot be seen even when viewed very closely, starting from the 6th month.

At the end of the surgery, a very thin tape is attached to the eyelids, but the eyes are not closed. These bands are removed after 3 days, bathing and make-up can be done. On the 7th day, the stitches are removed. Depending on the structure, swelling and redness occur on the eyelids for 2 to 5 days.

An antibiotic treatment is administered for 3 days after the surgery. A mild pain reliever is given immediately after the procedure. Thus, pain is not felt even when the effect of anesthesia wears off.

Matters needing attention;

1. The more meticulously and regularly the ice compress is applied after the surgery, the less edema and redness occur on the eyelids.

2. A pair of sunglasses that you will bring with you to the surgery will protect you from both the sun and curious glances on your way home.

Botox, which will be applied 15 days after the operation, will further accentuate the already beautiful result.

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