What is Bleaching?

Bleaching, in other words, teeth whitening can be done with external factors such as tea, coffee, cigarette.
It is the process of lightening the color of lost, yellowed, stained teeth. For a better smile
Teeth whitening, which is applied and is a purely cosmetic solution, usually lasts for 30-60 minutes and
It is an application done in two sessions.

How is Bleaching Applied?

Bleaching, which is made to make the teeth look more aesthetic and white, can color teeth up to 3-4 tons.
can open.

The patient can whiten teeth at home in the process called “Home Bleaching”.
As mentioned above, with the control of the dentist in the clinic in the process called “Office Bleaching”
Bleaching can be done in a much shorter time and with advanced devices.

What are the Office Bleaching Stages?

First of all, we should underline that this application, which is carried out in the clinical environment under the control of the dentist,
the chance to follow the procedure closely and to intervene immediately in any problem.
gives. Before the treatment begins, photographs of the teeth are taken. The point reached at the end of this treatment and
It is important for a clearer understanding of the whiteness of the teeth. Dental calculus after a general examination
The treatment is completed in one or two sessions lasting a maximum of 60 minutes. Dentist
It applies a special gel to this area so that the whitening agent does not damage the gums. hydrogen paroxide
Containing whitening agent is applied to the outer surfaces of the teeth. There are 2 methods to activate this agent.
The first is done by applying the LED beam source to the area for 15-20 minutes. Other more effective
In the method, YAD laser is applied to each tooth for 30 seconds. After these procedures, the whitening agent
taken from the teeth. In teeth that have had root canal treatment before, that is, the nerves are not alive (Non-Vital),
Agents that will whiten the tooth from the inside are placed and this is closed with a temporary filling. teeth like this for a few days
and this process is repeated until the desired whiteness is achieved.

Is Bleaching Risky and What Are Its Side Effects?

Teeth whitening does not carry any significant risk. In some cases, gingival sensitivities and mild
irritations may occur. However, they are short-lived and temporary. Uses of teeth whitening agents
Bleaching should not be applied during pregnancy, as the effect on it is unknown. Teeth whitening
Since it is a cosmetic procedure, it can be postponed until after pregnancy.

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