Whitening in the structure of teeth (in the enamel and dentin layer) It is the process of removing discoloration. Today, the bleaching process to whiten the color of the teeth is applied in two ways;

1-Office type whitening

Office Type application is a system that is completely under the control of a physician and applied in the clinic. It can be applied to one tooth, several teeth or both upper and lower teeth together. Before the bleaching agent is applied on the teeth, a protective material is applied to the gums and then the whitening agent is placed on the tooth by a physician who has experience in this process. A blue/green light source is kept on the relevant tooth for a certain period of time. When the process is finished, the result is immediately observed. This process can be done in 2 or 3 sessions until the desired whiteness is achieved.

2- Home bleaching

It is a method that is applied by the physician to measure the patient’s teeth and with a plaque prepared in full compliance with this measure. Whitening is achieved by placing this plaque on the teeth at home for a certain period of time with the whitening agent. It may be recommended to repeat it 4 or 5 times.
Correct diagnosis and correct use of the correct substance are very important in the whitening process. Otherwise, thinning of the enamel of the teeth and excessive sensitivity, burning and recession in the gums may occur. Correct use is possible only under the supervision of a physician.
Although both methods are effective, the choice depends on the degree of discoloration, how quickly the treatment is desired to be terminated, and the opinion of the physician.

  • Why do unwanted stains occur on teeth?

There may be many reasons for this. The most common ones are; old age, substances that stain teeth (coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes, etc.) consumption, traumas, old prostheses, veneers, fillings. Antibiotic used during the formation of teeth (tetracycline)or excessive fluoride consumption can also lead to discoloration of the teeth.

  • Who can the whitening process be applied to?

It can be applied to everyone. Your dentist will determine whether the teeth are suitable for this procedure with a complete intraoral control and diagnosis. If your teeth are healthy, it is an ideal solution for a whiter and natural smile.

  • Will teeth go back to normal after whitening?

Teeth will always be whiter than before. The whitened teeth stay white for a few years. But this time varies from person to person. Eating and drinking habits, smoking and brushing habits affect the whiteness of the teeth. This period is shorter, especially in smokers. In people who pay attention to oral hygiene and do not have the habit of smoking, this period can be up to 3-5 years.
Since white teeth are associated with youth, they are highly desired by people who want to be aesthetically pleasing. However, we should point out that an exaggerated whiteness may not be aesthetic in most cases. The natural tone that suits your face and mouth structure will always be more aesthetic.

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