Black Swan

The birth story of perfect black from perfect white

The movie begins with a ballet performance where elegance meets dance. The graceful and dazzling show of the ballerina in a wedding dress reminds one of a bird soaring freely in the sky and speaking to the ground in a noble manner. As the ballerina smiles at the satisfaction of completing her performance, a man in black behind her draws the ballerina to him under the influence of her malevolent power. The ballerina surrenders to him in fear of not being able to escape from the man in black. (Confession scheme- compatible delivery mode) . When she wants to get rid of, the man in black suddenly turns into a monster and does not let the ballerina go. At the end of the war, the ballerina flaps her wings in fear and sadness like a bird whose feathers have lost its splendor. (Injured Child Mode).

Nina is like a happy child, although she wakes up with a frightening dream in her room filled with plush toys that contain every shade of pink. Because this dream is the spectacle of the Queen Swan that she dreams of. While her body took on a young girl, her soul always remained a child. Her soul also needs to grow, but her mother did not support Nina in this matter and continued to treat her as if she were a child and to meet her needs. (Although the dependency schema may seem like schema submission, in the later scenes of the movie, we see that Nina allows her to meet her needs because she cannot oppose her mother. This shows that the main schema is the submissiveness schema.) . After this dream she had, the magnificent Beth, who was the ‘Swan Queen’ at the ballet school, was taken from the stage due to her age. Thomas announces that he wants to design a new show for the new swan queen. : “… The ballerina is trapped in the body of a pure and beautiful swan. She wants to be free, she. But only true love can break the spell. His wish is almost granted. For a prince. But before the prince can declare his love, the girl’s lustful twin, the black swan, deceives and seduces him. The devastated white swan jumps off a hill and kills itself. And as he dies, he finds freedom… We will open the new season with swan lake, but not like this. we will rob him. It will be both profound and real. He needs a new swan queen to re-enact. A new face presented to the world. But which of you can carry both swans? Both white and black. “Swan Lake Ballet, which has been played so far, takes on a new dimension by incorporating black in white. This new situation makes it almost impossible for Nina, who lives in the dusty world, to achieve her dreams. Because she is a ballerina who carries a white swan in her soul and gets lost in perfect whiteness. Upon this news from Thomas, Nina finds herself in front of Beth’s room. When Nina leaves Beth’s room, she enters his room and sits in her dream chair. Whether or not to own this seat is now in your own hands. Like everyone who dedicates their existence to being the best (High Standards Chart) he also feels that he should not give up to chase after his dreams. She leaves the room with Beth’s red lipstick. It is like the first awakening of lust in his soul.

Nina perfectly portrays the white swan symbolizing innocence, chastity, purity and beauty in her dance rehearsals. (high standards scheme); he is not successful at all in the black swan, which symbolizes darkness, lust, courage and evil. Thomas to Nina: “If I had to choose only the white swan, it would be you. But it is not.” says. With Thomas praising the black inside Lily, Lily becomes the biggest obstacle to Nina’s dreams. On her way home, Nina sees an impressive woman with black hair at the stop. This impressive woman is actually black herself. This startling event is the first hallucination he has ever seen. (Seeing oneself with another self in hallucination is a sign of dissociation – detached conservative mode). On the one hand, the pressure of his mother, who wants to create the perfect white swan, and on the other hand, the tough attitude of Thomas, who wants to see the black as well as the white in the dance, lay the groundwork for two independent characters in his soul. Although she hugged her mother and cried when she came home after all this, she searches for her black in endless rehearsals. (Failure scheme, overcompensation). Just as the white swan needs to impress the prince so that his soul can be freed, he needs to impress Thomas so that he can achieve his dreams. With his red lipstick and healthy hair, Thomas was impressed, feeling the heartbeat of black inside him. He even kissed Nina to reveal more, but Nina responded by biting him. (Overcompensation of the bowing scheme). With this move, Nina managed to impress Thomas and passed the eliminations. The new swan queen will now be herself. This changed the color of Nina’s ball gown to gray and powdery pink. . When the new queen comes home with the excitement of being a swan, she sees the portraits her mother has made and then goes to take a shower. Nina’s privacy, unfortunately, does not exist in the house. Just like the portraits inside the house, his mother is constantly following him. She is expressing her despair of not being able to stand up to her mother by scratching her shoulder and bleeding. (submissive schema submission resulting itching, psychosomatic mode) . Thomas whips her up even more when she sees her lust and aggression begin to unfold after Nina’s bite. However, despite her best efforts, Nina can’t reveal the black that Thomas wants. As the show day approaches, Thomas, who invites to introduce the new queen ballerina to the community, takes Nina with him and gives a speech. Immediately after the talk, Nina goes to the bathroom. With the tension of being introduced to the community and the despair of not being able to bring out the black inside. (failure schema, schema submission) While washing his hand, he hallucinates that his finger is bleeding and peeling off his skin. Immediately after the invitation, Thomas invites Nina to his house and wants to talk about the role. In this talk, Thomas questions Nina’s romantic and sexual life and assigns Nina the homework to touch herself. In the morning of the night, while Nina is experiencing the pleasure of touching her, she sees the hallucination of her mother sleeping on the sofa and hides in her quilt, afraid. (It is obvious that Nina is afraid of her mother. Punitive scheme.) . When he finds out that Beth had an accident that day, Thomas tells her that Beth’s accident was deliberate, that she was driven by a dark impulse, so it was exciting to watch her on stage. Nina also needs to reach dark impulses in order to excite the audience. At the end of the day, while her mother is crying and painting, Nina comes with a stick and hides it in her room. (the stick is the object of his anger against his mother). As Nina begins to immerse herself in her dance, her color changes to gray. Thomas rehearses the black swan with Nina. “Feel my touch, reciprocate. Come on !” he says and kisses. Then he said, “I was the one who seduced you, but it’s the opposite of what should have happened.” says. As the big day approaches, Nina is in despair. The queen can’t handle being a swan, she can’t reach the black swan that Thomas wants. (Failure schema – schema submission) . When he wants to satisfy himself in the bathroom in the evening to bring out the black inside, he is again faced with a hallucination. In this hallucination, he sees his dark side smiling at him with a frightening self. (When Nina is in her impulsive child mode, she also experiences split personality mixed with hallucinations. Disconnected defensive mode- dissociation). When he comes to himself, his shoulder is bleeding again and his mother is checking him again. Nina’s late arrival at home for dance rehearsals and her changes worry her mother. Because when her mother was a young ballerina, she gave up on her dreams because she got pregnant with Nina, and she blamed Nina for this mistake. (schema origin of submission).It’s not the first time that Nina has taken the responsibility for her mother’s mistake and even gave the message that it was too late to be a swan queen at that age. (Neck bending scheme overcompensation). Right after this speech, the doorbell rang and Lily came. Although her mother doesn’t want her to see her, Nina goes out for a drink with Lily. (submissiveness scheme, overcompensation) . Lily started pouring her own black into Nina, and the suppressed black side in Nina was revealed. At the end of the night, he came home with Lily, rebelled against his mother, who demanded an account, took Lily to his room, closed the door with a stick and wanted to protect his privacy. To his mother: “S Don’t come in, it’s called private life, I’m not a child anymore. Leave me alone” said (submissive scheme overcompensation- freedom fighter mod) Afterwards, they began to live in a lustful relationship with Lily. When she gets the taste of sex and has an orgasm, Lily turns into Nina when she says “my beautiful girl” to Nina. Nina had a hallucination again and she satisfied herself sexually with two separate personalities. (Nina’s dark side, which had been suppressed for years, showed her existence as a separate me through hallucinations – dissociation. The word “my sweet girl” is a rather confusing word. In some scenes, her mother is very involved in Nina’s private life, she has no privacy while bathing, Considering that he saw his mother sleeping with hallucinations during masturbation and his sexual preference was again with a woman, maybe this word mixed with hallucination is the harbinger of incest. Severe traumatic experiences can cause personality split- dissociation in coping with problems.) When Nina’s dance color changed to black and gray after the night, she threw away all the plush toys in the house. After the last rehearsal of the show, she saw a hallucination of a self that was not under her control while she was rehearsing her dress. After this scary scene, he learned that Lily was backed up, and he was enraged, thinking that Lily would be replaced at any moment. (scheme of skepticism) . In this phase, hallucinations have gained momentum, and thoughts and facts are intertwined. She immediately went to her room and brought everything she had stolen from Beth, telling her that she was very upset, that she understood her, that she wanted to be as perfect as she was, and that she was going through the same things now. (scheme of high standards and skepticism).The endless hallucinations haunted her even when she was at home, and all the horrible scenes she experienced made her vomit again. (somatic mode) . He went to his room with hallucinations he couldn’t get out of and closed the door with a stick so that his mother could not enter, while looking in the mirror with red eyes, he saw the black swan feathers growing from his shoulders and the black side won the war inside. .When her mother entered the room, Nina violently fired her. (angry boy mod)fainted after hallucinating that his legs were broken (psychosomatic mode) . When he opened his eyes, he asked his mother what time it was because today is the big day. When her mother said that the role hurt Nina and did not want to send her, Nina said: “I am the queen swan, you were the one who could not rise in the community” and left. (arrogant mode) . While Nina, who caught up with the show, was floating on the stage like the flapping of a noble bird in her white swan role with all her grace, the change in her started and fell in the dance. When he came to his room for the black swan, he saw Lily, who was preparing to go on stage, and the war to become a black swan started between them. (Although Nina thought it was Lily she was fighting, she battled hallucination mixed personality splitting – detached sheltered mod – dissociation).After this scene, in which black beats white with a piece of mirror, the dark side, strengthened by hallucinations, took the stage like a bird of prey and managed to impress the audience, and the hall collapsed with applause. (fighting herself to put on the perfect show, Nina excelled – high standards scheme) . When Nina re-enters the soul of white for her final scene, she takes to the stage for the last time when she realizes that her inner personalities have stuck a piece of glass in her stomach as she struggles to get on stage. She dies at the end of the show, just like a white swan.

She is a woman who was turned into a black swan by Thomas, while she was a little girl imprisoned in a white swan by her mother. Freedom is more than just a swan for him. While closing her eyes to the world, she expressed the happiness of regaining her freedom with these words to Thomas. “I felt it was perfect.”

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