biopsychosocial development

***BIOPSYCHOSOCIALIn order for the human being to be able to develop in this context, he should be able to adapt to the normal development process at the best level from birth.***

*This process (taking psychology aside) proceeds physically and emotionally.

* FUNCTION!!!This is the main goal of progress.

*No non-functional development can make progress. In order to reach functionality, human is more fundamental. “STRUCTURE”and then the structure that will sit on it “FUNCTION” uses the parameter. This triad is the most basic parameter that plays a role in the normal development of human beings.

*Every individual who is blocked in the development process is functionally deficient. In every subject in which man cannot develop, he has a lower level and even a basic step. “STRUCTURE”or make corrections by descending. “STRUCTURE”over “FUNCTION”puts and “FUNCTION”i one “FUNCTION”progresses by combining

* The children who seem happiest in the game are the ones who can determine what they will do clearly in themselves, and therefore reach the function most clearly.

?utm source=ig web copy link*BIOPSYCHOSOCIALman to frame SPIRITUALWe also need to add the component, which should be left to the experts as it needs further clarification.

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