big race

big race

After a quick walk, I took a breath in the morning’s iodine-smelling, cool air, and sat on the bank by the sea to take a breather. I was watching the waves chasing each other when a young man sat next to me. He began to tear off small pieces of the bagel he ate half and toss them to the seagulls that were wandering indifferently in front of us. The seagulls got a little more active. I asked the young man: “Are the seagulls happy?” saying. “Happy,” said the young man. He continued, “It’s nice that they don’t have any worries, they just live and go”. I couldn’t stop “Are you happy?” I asked. He said “no” with a bored expression on his face. “When will you be happy?” , “40,000 in the exam. I will be happy if I can get the order”, “40.000. What will happen when I get it?”, “I will get into the University I want”, “What will happen then?”, “They will love me, so my family”, “So what do you want to be?”, “Be happy, that’s my 40.000 mark on the exam. depends on me”

I asked him how this thought came about, but he couldn’t remember. So I said let me tell you if it’s true, tell me.

You’re starting school, it’s nice to play with friends, learn new information. Then one day, the teacher gives an exam in the classroom, and you answer the questions with what you know. You get full marks from the teacher, you go home. Your parents hug you, they love you, they are very happy, of course you too. This goes on for years. One day things get messy, you get bad grades, people in the house have a serious expression on their face, now what? Then the situation improves again, thank you, certificates of appreciation, people at home always tell relatives how successful you are. Now a fear takes you, what if I fail. Now you have only one goal to be successful, to get high grades in exams and even to pass the others. You’ve even forgotten what you want to be.

“Yes it’s all true”

Just then, the young man’s girlfriend arrived. The young man repeated the same things to the girl, as if asking her for confirmation. “Right,” the girl said. I asked the girl “Are you happy?”, “I am happy but I am afraid”, “why are you afraid?”, “the school’s class placement exam is coming up. yes it did”, “did anything good happen in that class?”, “it actually happened, I won my best friends in this class. Moreover, when I studied hard, six more students in the class started to study and study, which made me very happy.”

I told them that competing with others in no period of life does not bring happiness, in fact, we can miss our own goals when competing with others, on the contrary, it is necessary to constantly improve themselves in life and they should do it only for themselves. I told them that it doesn’t matter when they reach their goals, but being on that path will make them feel peaceful and one day they will definitely reach their main goals.

Life is on the road. Success is life itself.

They laughed and said goodbye. They started walking, holding hands and talking happily. The young man was walking briskly, the girl brushing her hair from her face with her head as she leaped every now and then to keep up with him. The young man, on the other hand, continued to walk, holding the girl’s hand tightly, inflating his chest a little more. So they disappeared.

Beria Bilge Sener

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