Beware of autumn depression!

In one word “depression” Depression, which can be called as depression, is widely used as a diagnosis for all periods of unhappiness among the public in daily life. We can often come across unhappy people around us who state that they are “depressed”.

If we look at the essence of the matter; It is a mental illness in which the person is in a state of deep sadness, slowing down in thinking, speaking and movements, feelings and thoughts of worthlessness, pessimism, exhaustion, reluctance. The individual has begun to be unable to enjoy the person-environment-activity-situations that he used to enjoy. While the aforementioned feelings and thoughts may sometimes be due to a physical or mental illness (cancer, hypothyroidism, cardiovascular diseases, brain tumors, intense infections…) they may also occur independently of another disease.

Throughout life, a person cannot always stay in the same emotion mode, the content and intensity of emotions can change from time to time. Sometimes experienced events, memories, stimuli can be the determinants of our emotional reactions. Women’s menstrual periods or seasonal changes can also affect our mood. What distinguishes depression is prolonged, excessive and inconsistent with the situation for no apparent reasonare emotional responses.


Depressed mood: Almost every day or most of the day,

Significant decrease in interest in favorite activities

Losing or gaining excessive weight involuntarily,

Insomnia or oversleeping almost every night

Excessive acceleration or deceleration in psychomotor movements,

feelings of worthlessness,

feelings of guilt,

Difficulty in concentrating and related performance losses and accidents,

Difficulty in thinking abilities

recurrent thoughts of death

It can be summarized as

In order for these symptoms to be called depressive disorder, At least two weeks (one week is sufficient in severe cases), symptoms are not related to substance use or a medical illness, loss of function in work-school-family-community roles and in many areas due to symptoms must cause. If the severity mild/moderate/severeclassified as.

There are many different types of depressive disorders. The “Winter Depression”, known as the “autumn depression”, is directly related to the season and its incidence increases as you move away from the equatorial region of the world. The incidence in these regions 6%’is. 60-90% of patients are women. October Novemberstarting in the months February-April (for the northern hemisphere) is ending. According to one view, the organism is faced with the disorder of the systems that play a role in adapting to changes in the physical environment. On the contrary, in the literature, there are cases that regularly become depressed during the summer seasons. In winter depression, the person shows atypical symptoms such as excessive weight gain, excessive sleeping and carbohydrate starvation.

Light therapy, called phototherapy, is more effective than antidepressants in its treatment. For this reason, the effect of seasonal depression on the relocation of people who are far from the equator and who have the said risk to regions close to the equator cannot be denied.

In addition to all these, individuals should make some adjustments in their lives if they do not have a physiological disease that explains their depressive mood, after undergoing detailed medical examinations (anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, etc.). In particular, they should not delay getting psychiatric and psychotherapeutic help. Regular sleep, healthy eating and sports are at the top of these arrangements. In addition, individuals should participate in activities suitable for their personal interests, stay active in the socialization process, take a voluntary role in charity activities, turn to an art branch that they are interested in and talent, learn an instrument or language, make academic plans for themselves, strive to spend time outside in the open air, take care of the land. They will also experience positive developments when they incorporate many positive experiences that will make them feel good, such as getting a pet.

With the hope that winter depression or even no depressive disorder will find a place in your life…

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